The heartbreaking reason this teenager was excluded from her aunt's wedding.

We’ve heard many shocking stories from people who have been excluded from bridal parties or weddings altogether.

Just recently, Mamamia wrote about a bride who told her friend she’d be booted as a bridesmaid if she did not lose weight.

But this latest wedding horror story to emerge is just heartbreaking.

A hurt 15-year-old detailed on Reddit how she didn’t receive an invitation to her aunt’s wedding because she has a disability.

To make matters worse, her parents and brothers were invited. Only her name was left off the invitation.

“I’m just very upset now because my aunt’s wedding is soon and I learned that I can’t go to the wedding because she didn’t invite me. I have a physical disability and I need crutches but I can handle myself. The invitation to our family says my parents and my brothers,” wrote one user.

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The teenager goes onto explain how her 33-year-old aunt defended the brutal decision.

“My dad talked to my aunt and she thought that the venue isn’t friendly and comfortable for me and that’s why she didn’t invite me. If that’s the only reason, isn’t that something I should decide? Maybe I can handle myself in that venue. Maybe my brother and dad will help me if I needed help. She excluded me because I have a disability,” she wrote.

Now, her parents are telling her it’s not a big deal and she should act like it never happened.

“My parents told me that I need to understand that it’s her wedding and she gets to decide who comes and I can’t be upset and I should respect her decision. I told them that if she thinks I’m not good enough to be at her wedding then I don’t want to see her or talk to her again but they tell me that I should continue to be a good niece and respect her and be friendly with her. I don’t understand why?”

She was flooded with messages of support by fellow Reddit users, urging her to confront her aunt.

She later wrote in a follow-up post she did exactly that, after her 13- and 18-year-old brothers declared they wouldn’t go to the wedding without her.

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With her oldest brother by her side, she spoke face-to-face with her aunt and parents.

As it turns out, her brother checked the wedding venue and it is wheelchair accessible — and this teenager only uses crutches.

Her aunt said she still thought it would be tough for her to enjoy the day.

“She didn’t say anything but then said once again that she thinks it will be difficult for me to be there and not being able to enjoy the wedding like everyone else and it will be psychologically difficult and that’s what she meant,” she wrote.

“She said it’s not pity it’s genuine concern for my well-being. She doesn’t want me see other girls my age do the things I can’t do and feel jealous and inadequate.”

Of course, this conversation did not end well. The aunt did not back down from her decision.

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She vowed never to speak to her aunt again. Meanwhile, her parents are still going to attend the wedding.

"I can't see how they could hear what my aunt said to me and not come to my defence," she wrote.

Neither can we.

The one positive in this story is that the girl has a great pair of brothers. Both of them are sticking to their boycott in solidarity with their sister.

Discrimination is unacceptable. But when it comes directly from your family, it cuts horribly deep.

We're standing with you.

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