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lovebug30 December 15, 2019

This was a pointless article and a waste of time. Of course you're not going to understand the point of planning a wedding because ones you're single and 2 you don't want to get married.

lovebug30 September 1, 2019

After entering the own an inn competition one night, the VERY next morning she opens up another email stating she won?! Instead of just selling the inn to the woman who clearly would pay top dollar, the owner thought it made more sense to just raffle it away?!
When she broke up with her bf whom travelled alllll the way to NZ to get her b back all he said is 'I wish you well?' Then walks out of her life??
Ugh! So much no!

lovebug30 August 3, 2019

They were presented with an injured baby. They had to do what they had to do. They didn't know this family so they had to assume that they were possibly hurting her based on physical evidence. I'm happy they got their baby, and other children, back but they certainly shouldn't be blamed for doing their job.

lovebug30 March 1, 2019

Exactly what I.was thinking!!

lovebug30 January 19, 2019

You're right, this woman had no stake in your marriage, no emotional connection, but your husband did. He had all the emotional connection that should have stopped him from seeking out another woman(and no doubt he seeked her out!), but he didn't, he went to her time and time again, even after you had his baby.
I suggest you direct this letter to him and go get an STD check and lawyer up because he will do this again(if he isn't already) and you're naive, and desperate to think otherwise. I don't think you will though

lovebug30 November 7, 2018

You absolutely did the right thing. The amount of times I would have been saved heartbreak if the guy was just upfront. I would have been upset for a bit but I would have gotten over it and I would have know where I stood without hoping that maybe he was just busy....well done

lovebug30 September 26, 2018

Holy crap, I haven't laughed so much in a long time! literally tears running down my face. You guys need to stop this because I nearly want to watch The Bachelor lol

lovebug30 September 18, 2018

Just don't follow this particular trend, easy

lovebug30 September 18, 2018

Kelli is messed up and I would bet anything a lot of it is her parent's doing. Putting too much pressure to succeed and be perfect.
Seriously though, has kelli not heard of birth control, condoms?? I get mistakes happen but falling pregnant every year is just plain irresponsible! Then killing her babies or adopting them out is just vile. If she had no plans to be a mum she should have taken precautions. No sympathy for her whatsoever and I hope she rots in prison

lovebug30 September 18, 2018

It doesn't mean the media has a right to harass her,especially being so heavily pregnant! As if it wouldn't be stressful enough she has to deal with parasite media

lovebug30 September 17, 2018

What the hell MM?! Again another article about Phoebe and how she is, shock, horror!!, cancelling appearances right now. She is 6mths pregnant and going through something horrific!! What the hell is wrong with you? Trying to contact her for comment, writing multiple articles about what vile thing her husband has done and focusing on her movements. You all are scum and vultures! Just as bad as New Idea and Woman's Day. Leave her alone,keep her out of the media! Stop dredging up what is happening. She knows, we all know. ENOUGH!! If she wants to reach out to scum media I'm sure she will contact you. You are supposed to be about uplifting and supporting women, you just want gossip.
I hope your husband's/partners cheat and do something vile and it is dredged up in the media, and you all are 'contacted for comment',for all of us to dissect. Don't think it will happen to you? Well Phoebe probably thought the same....

lovebug30 September 12, 2018

This is the funniest recap I have read, good work ladies
Oh and also quite troubling (I don't watch the bachelor)

lovebug30 September 3, 2018

Where's the footage?? I can only see ads and people holding whiteboard up??

lovebug30 August 26, 2018

The fan said he was more interested in finding true love then becoming part of an insta couple, which implies that she thought Keira was more interested in being an insta couple then finding true love, which was the opposite of what you thought Keira meant...

lovebug30 August 23, 2018

Haha fair enough, I still have baby brain and my youngest is 4....😂😂

lovebug30 August 23, 2018

Or she could let herself go, as an adult she has that choice. She must know he isn't into her

lovebug30 August 21, 2018

I agree,deeply dissappointing but it's Kyle, not Karl lol,either way he is a douche and I really hope his show doesn't get picked up.

lovebug30 July 31, 2018

Oh please!!! Like the iconic brand needs to 'copy' Constance design and ideas and she did not invent the word Queen or the use of it to describe a bunch of women. You do realise that Bonds would have had this design for months and months before bringing it out. Heard of coincidence?? And maybe Constance is more mainstream then she'd like you to think?

lovebug30 July 31, 2018

Such a sad traumatic situation you are all going through. Having young children make it so much harder especially when he passes. Briony,if you are reading this, I cannot even imagine what you are going through and I am soo sorry you are. Losing your husband and having to grieve and be strong for your children would be so incredibly tough. You are strong, you are courageous and you and your daughters will get through this. You won't get over it,(how can you?!) but you will get through it.
Jarrod: I definitely can not imagine what you have been through and going through. Knowing you will leave your beautiful wife and your young children before your time and having to make that decision to stop treatment must be impossible to get your head around.
My love and strength go to you in this tough time. How amazing that through this all you want to let his supporters know what is going on. You both are amazing and I'm sure your daughters will grow up knowing that and become compassionate, kind and loving adults xxx

lovebug30 July 31, 2018

I'm sorry but that is hilarious (because it hasn't happened to me....I hope! 😳) umm maybe hide the toothbrushes, hand them out and watch him like a Hawke. Haha so gross but so funny

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