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flyingdale flier August 11, 2020

if you dont know its fake by now

flyingdale flier August 11, 2020

Why you never turned the lights out on the bus when  bringing the university rugby union boys home from away games in spite of many requests to turn them off

flyingdale flier August 8, 2020

@random dude Remember my mom springing me with a penthouse magazine in my teen years.I told her I mistook it for a real estate mag but she was a tad skeptical

flyingdale flier July 31, 2020

My lovely partner comnentated,are young women that bereft of taste

flyingdale flier July 31, 2020

@birdie psst birdie,it isnt real

flyingdale flier July 30, 2020

Maybe youre being too polite,maybe tell them just for them you will have another but youre going to hand it over for medical experimentation

flyingdale flier July 30, 2020

@cat shorthand for I want some bad boys on there

flyingdale flier July 30, 2020

Dont forget editing and the fact that theres an unofficial script,if these blokes were perfect gentlemen thered be the headline about why has the show got so boring.Its not real

flyingdale flier July 24, 2020

Theyve also seen their parents work most of their lives in jobs and then thrown aside with little recognition for their efforts..Theyve seen their parents take shit off employers so theyell have money to provide their kids with food and shelter.Theyve seen their fathers suffer stress and heart attacks for a few nice wirds and a pretty wreath at their funeral.Theyve seen that loyakty to a woSrkplace often counts for nought.Now these young ones are copping shit because theyv want recognition for effort.They arent driven by loyalty,they place a high price on their abilities.They wont be treated like shit.The virus has provided us with tbe opportunity to think about work and our lives generally and millenials want to work,but they want respect and recognition for effort.More power to them

flyingdale flier July 18, 2020

People that dont fit into the stereotype that society paints tend to be too nice as well when answering.Maybe at times a less temperate answer is called for

flyingdale flier July 18, 2020

Get to and learn to cook,it aint rocket science.The cutesy helpless thing will wear off

flyingdale flier July 17, 2020

Whats that old saying?A fool and his money

flyingdale flier July 8, 2020

The prospect of kk as first lady will have women voting for him in droves

flyingdale flier July 6, 2020

Pommie papers are more interested in Ms Markle and tearing her down rather than the sleazy Andrew

flyingdale flier July 6, 2020

Are they in an actors union? 

flyingdale flier July 6, 2020

Only because they may lose sponsors, it's all about viewers and dollars

flyingdale flier July 5, 2020

He's just picking up votes for the Donald and Kanyes wife will ensure the women's vote. He will probably pull out and throw his support behind Don

flyingdale flier July 2, 2020

Also because he is, a Labor premier the Murdoch media, are piling into hin. I think they are scared he will go into federal politics. I see a potential Labor pm

flyingdale flier June 22, 2020

My kitchen rules is like that also

flyingdale flier June 14, 2020

Good God and the people that love this shite vote

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