The weird reason MasterChef's Chloe Carrol is being targeted by trolls on social media.

The premise of MasterChef Australia is quite simple.

A select group of extraordinary home cooks battle it out to see who can make the most mouth-watering dishes for the entertainment of the nation – immaculate looking desserts feature heavily.

And while it’s not the healthiest fare, everything is okay in moderation, right? Well… not according to some fans of the show.

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Contestant Chloe Carrol has found herself the subject of snarky online commentary for the most peculiar reason.

You see, when Chloe, 28, is not cooking for her life, and making delectable things like chocolate mousse laced with olive oil, she is a practising nutritionist, and certain people have objected to seeing her make desserts and anything that could possibly be ‘unhealthy’.

Speaking to TV WEEK, the 28-year-old said that she’s struggled with the staggering amount of people have have expected her to “eat clean” because of her profession.


“A lot of people have been judging me because I’m a nutritionist,” she said.

“They’re surprised I’ve been making desserts and things that haven’t been particularly healthy.”

Chloe, who received  her Bachelor of Human Nutrition from the University of Canberra in May of 2017, is hoping to one day open a cooking school with a focus on family nutrition, but she is all about moderation.

“I’m all about trying to get people to eat more veggies, thinking about what they put in their meals,” she told TV WEEK.

“People should be able to enjoy life without feeling guilty.”

So now, for the love of croquembouche, doughnuts and butter, can we respect the delicious indulgence that is MasterChef?

Please and thank you.

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