'It was a meeting and a liking.' Kate Langbroek on how she met her husband of 15 years.

Kate Langbroek and Peter Allen Lewis have been happily married for over 15 years.

They have four children together, and are currently living in Bologna, Italy with the whole family.

Speaking to Sarah Grynberg on PodcastOne’s A Life of Greatness, the media personality admitted that the early days of their relationship came with a number of challenges.

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Speaking on the podcast on Tuesday, the 53-year-old said in the beginning, her husband had a tendency to be ‘controlling’.

“It’s in his DNA… Peter just had it in him,” Kate said on the podcast.

“And I’m like, ‘You know what, you don’t want to be with me because that’s just going to be a life of misery for you and for me. It’s just going to make us both miserable,'” she continued.

“But then we had a great conversation about it after we broke up, like probably a year and a half later, where he said, ‘[Being controlling] doesn’t make me feel good. I don’t know why I try to do it. It makes me feel terrible.’

“And I said, ‘Well, why don’t you stop? Because in my experience, if you’re doing something and it’s making you feel bad, the best thing to do is stop it.’ And also, he had to know how it was to be without me.”


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During the interview, Kate also shared that their relationship began when they met on a trip to Vietnam, while they were both dating other people.

“I was going back to the house that I lived in with my boyfriend and he was going back to the house he lived in with his girlfriend – soon to be his fiancee. So it was just a meeting and a liking,” she explained.

“And then when we got home it got very complicated and on paper it looked entirely wrong cause he’s like nine years younger than me and he was at uni and at that stage I’d just started on television doing a show called The Panel, so it just seemed all wrong, but we just liked each other.”

After meeting abroad in 1998, Kate and Peter later went on to get married in 2003.


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Today, the couple are living in Italy with their four children – Lewis, 15, Sunday, 14, Artie, 12, and Jannie, nine.

The couple decided to move to in January this year after almost losing their eldest son Lewis.

They plan to live there for 12 months, while Kate continues to co-host her Hit Network morning radio show, Hughesy & Kate.

Lewis was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2009, and battled to beat it for three-and-a-half years.


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The couple chose not to publicly share the news until Lewis entered remission.

“He nearly died,” she recalled on A Life of Greatness.

“And you want to die, too. There were times when we were driving to the hospital and I’d think, ‘I hope a car hits us’. Because I cannot endure this,” she added.

“But you have to endure it because if you can’t endure how can you possibly expect him to endure it? If his mother cannot make him feel like it’s going to be alright, who can?”

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