Five steps to the perfect eye roll. By Minister Julie Bishop.

You’ve seen the rest. Now learn from the best.

1. Find your inspiration.

For the perfect eye roll, ideally Joe Hockey should be saying something about the Budget Expenditure Review Committee and your aid portfolio should be at risk from this budgetary razor gang.

2. Raise your eyebrows.

The height of the uplift will convey the extent of your disdain. Brow flexibility is important here. Daily stretches will help to keep the brow nimble.

3. Take your eyeballs up and across to the right.

Always go right. Never left (unless you are rolling your eyes at hippies, in which case roll to the left).

4. Purse lips and exhale

A proper eye roll finishes with the expulsion of air that illustrates how blown away you are by the stupidity that lays before you.

5. Study the work of the masters:

Here’s what played out this morning in Parliament.

What do you think of Minister Bishop’s eye roll? Do you think you could match it?

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