Wait. Did Germaine really just say that?

In the most talked-about moment of last night’s episode of Q&A, Germaine Greer asked Julie Bishop if she would “free the nipple” for Bali Nine.

Feminist and The Female Eunuch author Germaine Greer has never shied away from controversy.

But she’s drawing a whole new wave of criticism this morning for asking our Foreign Minister on last night’s Q&A program if she would take topless photos if it would save the Bali Nine.

“Don’t go there, Germaine.”

The eyebrow-raising remarks came after a member of the audience asked the panel to share their thoughts on the “free the nipple” movement sweeping social media.

Host Annabel Crabb asked if Julie Bishop was ever inclined to take her top to make a statement.

“It’s not something I’ve ever had the desire to do online. I’m quite adept at my emoji language and that’s about as radical as I get,” she said.

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Greer interjected: “What if it got you commutation of the life [sic] sentences for two Australians?”

The panel and audience gasped at the comment, as the Minister shook her head and cooly responded: “Please don’t go there, Germaine.”

Last night’s all-female Q&A panel.

Earlier in the panel, Minister Bishop made an eloquent speech on hoping to secure a stay of execution for the Bali Nine, appealing to the grace and mercy of the Indonesian government.

The Free The Nipple campaign started after social media sites required photos of women’s nipples to be censored, but images of men’s nipples and the rest of the female breast were deemed tolerable.


This was Q&A’s first all-female panel, featuring Annabel Crabb as host, Germaine Greer, Julie Bishop, ‘Bad Feminist’ Roxane Gay, Best and Less CEO Holly Kramer and Youth without Borders boss Yasmin Abdel-Magied.

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