"I tried Chris Hemsworth's fitness app for a week and here's what I discovered."

This week, Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth launched his very own fitness app, Centr.

A celebrity releasing a fitness program? Surely not. But yes, you can now get the Thor actor on your phone helping you to live your best life.

It might seem like a strange move for the 35-year-old at first, but once you remember how obsessed the world is with living the Hemsworth Byron Bay lifestyle of cooking on the beach and meditating under the palm trees, it makes perfect financial sense.

Promos for the app included synchronised Women’s Health and Men’s Health magazine covers for Hemsworth and his wife and fellow actress Elsa Pataky, and a viral video of Hemsworth doing squats in the ocean (check it out below, post continues after video).

Video via Centr

Now, we have the app, but will it make me do squats in the ocean too?

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about Centr:

  • Centr is an app and is currently available via iOS app on your iPhone, Apple Watch and online.
  • Pricing starts from $19.99 for one month, $47.99 for three, and $119.99 for a year.
  • You get a seven-day free trial to give it a go.
  • The app includes workouts, recipes, mindfulness and meditation activities and bonus content around wellness, fitness and lifestyle.
  • My trainer team includes A-list trainers Gunnar Peterson and Luke Zocchi, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor stun double Bobby Holland Hanton, Aussie trainer Tiffiny Hall, a guy called Da Rulk who trains Navy SEALs, fire fighters and Special Forces soldiers, Victoria’s Secret boxing trainer Michael Olajide Jr., and Aussie health chef Dan Churchill, to name a few.

All that’s great in theory, but what is it actually like to use Chris Hemsworth’s app?

First impression: This app is shmick.

You can tell it was likely made by a small army of well-paid app developers and computer programmers wearing headsets working 24/7 in a dimly lit basement.

You’re also greeted with a shirtless Chris Hemsworth every time you open the app, which is… helpful.

chris hemsowrth app
Morning, Chris. Image: Supplied.

The first thing Centr asked me to do when I logged in was to set a goal. Ugh.

OK, predictably, I set mine to lose weight, but you can also choose from 'get fit and toned' and 'build muscle'.

After inputting your height and weight (both of which are optional to provide), you then select your workout difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and your meal plan type (regular, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan).

chris hemsowrth app
Another shirtless Chris Hemsworth, but this time he wants to get to know me. Image: Supplied.
chris hemsowrth app
Oh hey Elsa. I thought it was just going to be Chris and I today... Image: Supplied.
chris hemsowrth app
I am clearly a beginner. Image: Supplied.
chris hemsowrth app
SO MANY OPTIONS. Image: Supplied.

Once you've tweaked your preferences, you're given your own weekly lifestyle plan. Each day has a workout, recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and mindfulness activity.

Food-wise, the app has a shopping list feature so all the ingredients you'll need for the meals in your planner come up in a list - on my first day, my planner wanted me to have an Almond, Date and Banana Smoothie for breaky, a Warm Grain and Kale Salad for lunch (do I haaaaave to?) and a Barbecued Vegetable Salad with Haloumi and Pesto.

My first thought when scanning my shopping list was: this sh*t going to be expensive.

Some of the recipes allow for leftovers, which your planner will tell you to eat the next day. But eating a different meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner for seven days requires a lot of ingredients.

You do have the option to sub out and switch in different recipes by swiping left (tres Tinder-esque), so I tweaked my planner to have the same breakfast everyday Monday-Friday and double ups for lunches and dinners so I didn't have to buy as much stuff. Win.

chris hemsowrth app
I was meant to eat this. I didn't. Image: Supplied.
chris hemsowrth app
I was meant to eat this. Surprisingly, I did. Image: Supplied.
chris hemsowrth app
This is what the recipe pages look like. Image: Supplied.
chris hemsowrth app
Here's my shopping list. So helpful, Chris. Image: Supplied.
chris hemsworth app
Not feeling sushi bowl? Thank u next. Image: Supplied.

Then there's the 'Friday Reveal'. Every Friday, you get a secret 'bonus piece of content to keep you motivated'.

So, I woke up on Friday, and would you believe, Chris Hemsworth popped up in my backyard wearing a sleeveless gym shirt, still flushed from his workout, to make me a spirulina smoothie.

Only it wasn't my backyard - it was his backyard, presumably in Byron Bay, and he made the smoothie for... himself. But he filmed it all and sent it to me and the million other people using the app to motivate us. So sweet.

If I'm on the app long enough, I wonder if one day he'll show up on my doorstep and we'll sip our spirulina smoothies out on the balcony together. I'm getting ahead of myself.

chris hemsworth app
Chris is so cheeky, isn't he? Image: Supplied.
chris hemsworth app
What a lovely Friday treat. Image: Supplied.

Back to the workouts.

I started my week of living like Chris Hemsworth with a terrifying HIIT HIRT MMA: TOTAL BODY SHRED workout with Tiffany Hall.

Righto Tiff. Sounds like a great idea for someone who's spent the last several months binge watching TV on the couch.

You can choose to do the workouts 'self guided' with no motivational pep talks from the trainers, or 'coached' with verbal instructions and some 'you can do it's and 'keep going's. I imagine people who go to a gym would use the self-guided option - I logged into the app on my laptop to do the session at home so it was bigger on the screen. The workouts also have a warm up and cool down section too.

My planner said I was meant to do a 10-minute body scan meditation, but... I didn't.

The workouts are pretty intense. There are a lot of MMA/karate-type workouts that require you to make noises when you punch invisible things, which isn't really my thing. But I didn't hate the HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts. Only thing, you will need equipment for some of them, which means spending more money on things if you don't have access to a gym.

chris hemsworth app
GAH. Well this is intimidating. Image: Supplied.
chris hemsworth app
Correct. I am tired. Image: Supplied.
chris hemsworth app
My workout space does not look this chic. Image: Supplied.
chris hemsworth app
Oh. This was the meditation I was meant to do. Image: Supplied.

And so went my week using Chris Hemsworth's fitness app. Put simply: I followed some of the workouts and recipes in my planner, and some I didn't do because, it's a lot.

Am I Thor? No. Do I look like Elsa Pataky? No. Am I married to Chris Hemsworth. No. Are Chris Hemsworth and I mates? Also no, but he did make me a virtual smoothie.

But the biggest question is this: Is Chris Hemsworth, his wife and his cool friendship group of worldly fitness and wellness experts packaged up into a slick app actually going to physically make me work out and eat better?

Maybe. I don't think Chris Hemsworth can help me with that bit.

You can find out more about Centr on the website or by searching for it in your app store. P.S. This post wasn't sponsored, we just like trying out new fun things.

Have you thought about trying Centr? Would you take fitness advice from Chris Hemsworth?

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