Zoë Foster Blake makes a cameo on The Wrong Girl tonight. But it's not her first TV role.

Zoë Foster Blake‘s CV is longer than most shopping lists. She’s been an author, columnist, editor, blogger, ambassador, and skin-care entrepreneur.

And now we can also add ‘actor’ to that crammed catalogue.

Yesterday the 36-year-old revealed she’ll be making a cameo in tonight’s episode of The Wrong Girl, the Channel 10 series based on her best-selling book.

Chatting about the appearance on The Project tonight, she revealed it won’t be her first time acting on the small screen — she was once a TV extra.

“Yeah. Professionally,” she told the panel.

“When I first moved to Sydney when I was, like, 17. [I was on] Home & Away and Breakers.”

pparently she appeared in a Summer Day surf club scene, drinking a beverage. QUICK! Someone find that footage!

“When filming on The Wrong Girl started, I joked with (writer) Judi McCrossin that I wanted to be an extra, as a fun little Easter egg for readers of the book,” Foster Blake wrote on Instagram last night.

“But I totally meant it and then aggressively followed it up with death threats etc. until they conceded.”


According to The Wrong Girl Instagram announcement, the mother-of-one will be playing the role of “an enthusiastic intern”.

“I wanted to be an extra. I was happy to just be a person in the background, but they gave me a line or two,” Foster Blake told Carrie Bickmore on The Project.

“I get to go out there tonight opposite Jess [Marais, who plays the series’ lead character] and just panic a bit.”

And while Foster Blake admits it will be a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance, she won’t just be lurking in the background or passing through the frame.

In fact, they’ve actually tossed her a few lines, which – of course – has fans desperately speculating she’ll be acting alongside real-life hubby Hamish Blake, who plays a TV weatherman on the show.

“Hopefully it involves a lot of awkward flirting from Hamilton,” commented one follower.

Dear god, we hope so.

The Wrong Girl airs tonight at 8:30pm AEST on Channel 10.

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