Literally just a list of where to purchase Zoe Foster Blake's holiday fashion.

Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake’s holiday looks divine. Travelling around Europe, with their utterly adorable children Sonny and Rudi; it’s the holiday we all wish we were on.

Signor Hamish’s prank where he “hatched a secret plan to appear fluent in Italian” in front of his kids and wife was hilarious, and the countless photos of little Rudy scoffing down ice cream are simply scrumptious.

But what’s even more marvellous is Zoe Foster-Blake’s fashion. (But what’s new?)

Side note – see how Zoe Foster- Blake’s makeup routine has changed since becoming a mum. Post continues after video.

Zoe, author and creator of Go-To skincare, has been providing the ultimate fashion inspiration via her Instagram page.

So, in a frankly desperate attempt to be half as trendy as the beauty-editor-turned-entrepreneur, we sourced all the places you can purchase ZFB’s fashion.

You can thank us later.

The bright pink mini.


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Buy: Rachel Comey Terry dress, $869.


Unfortunately, this dress is sold out. However the clothing brand does have a midi dress of the same colour, and it’s just as glorious.

The yellow polka dot dress.


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It’s just nice to have another Holiday Theme Dresser™️ on board. (As it were.)

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Buy: Lisa Marie Fernandez shirt dress, $595.

This dress is also on sale, currently priced at $198.

The gold and green maxi.




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Another magical night in Ravello. I think I’m changing my 40th location from New York to this heavenly place.

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Buy: Ba&sh Vianca dress, $768.

This dress is currently on sale for 40 per cent off, bringing it down to $461.

The yellow floral-print slip.


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I am a woman in a nice dress looking to the distance with visually pleasing umbrellas on Capri! It’s all been leading to this, let’s be honest.

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Buy: Zimmermann Goldie dress, $550

The Alice headband.


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Buy: Prada Silk Headband, $330.

Out of all her beautiful fashion pieces, we have to say it’s her Alice headband we’ve been obsessing over most. Zoe is wearing one on the more expensive side, so we’ve sourced all the places you can purchase more affordable ones. Including Cotton On’s $7 option.

Cotton On, $7

headband fashion trend
Image: Cotton On.

Enjoy shopping! Or should we say... saving.

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