Erm. YSL has released very expensive penis-shaped jewellery and we demand to know why.

There was always that one guy (or girl) at school who thought penis drawings were hilarious.

You know the one – if someone fell asleep on the back of the bus, they’d be the first to whip out a texta and draw a penis on their face (much to the horror of their parents when they arrived home).


…Well it turns out he/she grew up and got themselves a job in fashun on the design team at YSL.

They’ve been plodding along for years in their position, building the trust of their employers and waiting for their time to strike.

Then, finally, in a design meeting one morning, they took their chance.

“What about… penises?” they asked hopefully.

Then Tim Gunn wandered in wearing a pinstriped suit and said “make it work” and off they went.

OK – so we don’t actually know how anything works in the fashion industry, but we do know that we now live in a world where a brass gold penis pendant necklace and matching penis earrings exist… and they cost more than our rent.

Yes, for just $1085 AUD (plus $470 AUD if you want the earrings too), you can be a lifetime member of the pen 15 club.

If they weren’t already sold out, that is.

That’s right – the phallic bling is no longer available. It seems everyone flocked to snap them up so they could have a gold penis dangling near their face and we want to know why.

Maybe they’ve been invited to a really, really extra hens party?

…Or maybe they just really like penises?

All we know for sure is that the penis pendant and “penis dangle earrings” (yes that is what they’re called, you cannot make this stuff up) are the latest wacky fashion world trend that we just can’t get our heads around.

Check out the brass gold bad boys below:

"Is that a penis hanging from your ear, or are you just happy to see me?"
Like the penis drawings someone scribbled all over your diary in school, but fashion.

We're all for BDE, but it's a no from us.

Earlier this year, Fendi released a scarf that looks suspiciously like a vagina, so it seems genitals are the new black  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

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