How to wrap a gift like a pro (without calling an origami master).

Being a crap gift wrapper is my genes.

This is the only logical conclusion I can come up with as to why, even when I try REALLY hard, my present ends up looking like this:

Gift wrapping by Bern. I'm thinking of starting my own business. (Image via Pinterest)

In fact, I am so consistently and notoriously hopeless at gift wrapping that my children discovered Santa wasn't real way before they should have. They took one look at the mess I'd created under the tree, eyed me suspiciously and then called me out.

So this week, I went looking on the internet for a tutorial on how to wrap like a proper adult. There were many. So many. Most were more than 45 MINUTES LONG! 45 minutes? Don't get wrong, I want to learn - but I need it condensed into something a little more digestible than that.

Then I found the video below. It taught me how to master the art of gift wrapping in 30 seconds. Admittedly, this is the dependent on the perfect rectangular box present and not one of those awkward shapes where your only alternative is to wrap it like a giant bon-bon but STILL, it did make me realise I'd been wrapping most of my presents wrong for my entire life.

The video below shows us the Japanese way of wrapping gifts, which can be done in as fast as 14 seconds.

First step, place the box diagonally such that two corners touch two edges of the wrapping paper. Then, fold down those two corners and place tape. Fold it again then flip it, now fold the rest of the corners and tape it. And your'e done. (Article and hilarious gallery of wrapping fails, continue after the video)

Video via Todd Tripp
And perhaps just to make myself feel better, please join us in this gallery of gift wrapping fails.

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