Is this the ultimate wedding bouquet toss fail?

If a wedding bouquet toss is enough to bring out your competitive streak, you’re going to love this.

A woman attending a wedding last weekend has become an internet hit, after her dedication to catching the bridal bouquet led to her falling head over heels. And not in a lovey-dovey kind of way.

The video from the wedding, uploaded earlier this week, shows the bouquet falling short of a scrum of waiting ladies and landing in a fenced-off garden.

Not content to let it lie there untouched, the very enthusiastic woman reaches over the barrier… and promptly falls face-first into the foliage.

Jason Lord, who uploaded the video to Youtube and Reddit, said she emerged from the “garden… of doom” with only a scratch – and the bouquet, we assume. Watch the hilarious footage here:

Have you ever caught the bouquet?

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