Another unexploded bomb has been found in Nauru family camp.

It is the second wartime weapon to be found on the island this year.

An unexploded World War II bomb has been found in RPC 3, on Nauru. The area, which is currently being developed as one of Nauru’s family camps, was evacuated at approximately 5pm Tuesday afternoon.

According to the Refugee Action Coalition the weapon was discovered by a contractor in a building site, where prefabricated shelters are currently being built.

The weapon was uncovered in an area designated to children and families.

The weapon is not the first of its kind to be found in areas inhabited by many refugees, including young children. It follows the discovery of Howitzer artillery shell found in the vicinity of family camp OPC3 in April 2014.

In the wake of the first discovery The Guardian reported a spokesperson for then Immigration Minister Scott Morrison stated the bomb was deemed “inert” and some asylum seekers were evacuated from the exclusion zone. Mr Morrison’s office did not comment on the measures taken in determining the safety of the area before beginning the transfer of refugees.

Today’s discovery does nothing to quell concerns that construction sites on Nauru are not being adequately examined and assessed before building commences, and refugees are transferred.

The Japanese occupied the island during the second world war and multiple unexploded ordnance have been uncovered over the last 70 years.

Undetonated wartime weapons in an area inhabited by families and young children- further proof that detention facilities such as Nauru are no place for children.

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