The best baby names inspired by TV characters.

Your favourite TV shows are a gold mine when it comes to finding unique baby name options.

Ever since the small screen came into play, the rise and fall of baby names has been directly linked to shows that were dominating the ratings.

Ever wonder why there are so many little Arya’s running around? It’s because Game of Thrones, the world wide phenomenon fantasy TV show, grabbed the imagination of a whole slew of parents to be and TV inspired baby names are all the rage when it comes to popular celebrity baby names.

Girls names inspired by TV.

Felicity – Arrow
Willow – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Liza – Younger
Rory – Gilmore Girls

Rory in 'Gilmore Girls'.

Sex And The City
True Blood
Friday Night Lights

Charlotte in 'Sex and the City.' Image via HBO.

Downton Abbey
The Big Bang Theory
Game Of Thrones

Boys names inspired by TV.

Ezra- Pretty Little Liars
Cyrus – Scandal
Crosby – Parenthood
Logan – Gilmore Girls

Logan in Gilmore Girls. Image via the WB and the CW.

Breaking Bad

Image via Showtime.

Sons of Anarchy

Did your favourite TV-inspired name make the list? 

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