Tony Abbott asks the question we've all been asking him since the election.


Tony Abbott may be our country’s Minister for Women but he’s just had a very awkward realisation: there are no women to be found anywhere near him.

In this short clip filmed during his recent business delegation to Asia, the Prime Minister seemed EXTREMELY PUZZLED about where all his ladies were at.

Rounding up members of the delegation for a press photo, the PM worked himself into a tizz, asking:

“Where are the ladies, by the way? There are some ladies in this delegation. 

Where are they? Um. What’s happened the the ladies?

JOSH. SAM. There are some lady members of the delegation! They were here. They’ve been frightened off by the media, what’s what they’ve done.

… We’ve lost all the female members of the delegation for some reason.

I don’t think we’re going to get them back, somehow.”

No women around you, Tony?

Funny, that. We’ve been thinking the same ever since you came to power…

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