Over or under? Folder or a scruncher? The true tests of compatibility.

I’m going to tackle two big issues. Issues so huge they could determine whether or not you are compatible with your partner. Or with life in general.

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I guarantee you that you will have a definite opinion on each of these conundrums.

1. Are you or Folder or a Scruncher?

You know, with toilet paper. When you wipe your, yeah, you know…

Apparently, if you are a FOLDER, you are process driven and always on time.

If you’re a SCRUNCHER, you are creative, can multi-task, handle interruptions, are outgoing and are a people person.

Which one are you?

So, full disclosure, I’m a scruncher. Always have been, figure I always will be. I put this down to being a FANTASTIC and creative multi-tasker. Or it could be that I am, perhaps, a wee bit lazy. Yeah, probably the latter.

Even before I asked my husband whether he was a folder or a scruncher, I knew what the answer would be. He is exceptionally clean and routine driven. Yes, he is a 'Folder'.

Personally, I think this should be the first question you ask a potential mate. At least then you know what you’re getting yourself into. Unless of course they fold then pinch. Then - Jesus! - you’re on your own.

2. Does the toilet paper go over or under?

The correct answer is Over.

No. Doubt. About. It. This really requires no further conversation, but in the spirit of democracy, I’ll allow comment. But just so we’re clear, Under is incorrect.

I mean, why would you make life difficult for yourself by trying to find the end to the toileting holy grail under the spool? This can surely only end in stabbed finger marks into the toilet paper on your quest to locate the last square used?

Lord, Jesus NO!

And let’s not forget how appealing it looks when it’s just kind of hanging there, easily accessible, putting your mind at ease and thus letting you relax, knowing that when you’re ready, it will be too.

I’ve been known to go on a one-woman crusade and change it to the ‘correct’ position at a friend’s house, safe in the knowledge that once she's experienced the awesome, she’ll never look back.

Thankfully my husband and I appear to be on the same page when it comes to this although there has never been an actual discussion. I’d like to think though, in any living situation, whoever changes the roll - WINS! That right there is INCENTIVE!

Okay, fair to say, I’ve thought this over a *little* too much. But I’m right.

I await your rebuttal.

What do you think, over or under? Let us know in the comments...

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