The Project's Carrie Bickmore was upstaged by two audience members. And there were tears.

If you’re painfully single, you might want to brace yourself. Because I’m about to recount the most romantic thing that has ever happened on a news and current affairs program.

It was on The Project, just after 7pm last night, when host Carrie Bickmore gave a beautiful shout-out to audience member Tara – a woman “who’s had a huge year”.

“She’s been battling breast cancer, she’s almost finished her chemo,” Bickmore said. “We know you’re a huge fan of the show, Tara. You’re here with her boyfriend Jarrod. We just w anted to say to you good luck, keep fighting. We’re all behind you.”

It was already a touching moment. And then Jarrod spoke.

the project proposal

Tara and her cap-wearing, mustachiod softie, Jarrod. Image: Channel 10.

"Tara's probably the strongest, most toughest person I've ever met," he began.

"She's the best partner, she's the best mum, she's my best friend. We make the best team. And...."

Wait! What's he doing? He's getting up. He's reaching for his pocket.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Tara. Will you marry me?"

The audience gasped. Then, through tears, Tara beamed and replied, "Oh my god! Yes."

Stop it. I'm not crying. You're crying.

Even celebrity guest Paris Hilton was deeply moved - so much so that shared the happy event with her substantial flock of Snapchat followers.

At the beginning of her interview, the businesswoman and former reality TV star turned to the newly engaged couple and said:

"Congratulations to you both. That literally made me cry backstage. I'm so happy for you."

So are we, Paris. So are we. Congrats, Tara and Jarrod.

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