Tessa James' husband pays tribute to a very special anniversary.

“I’m always excited on how you look at life.”

This week marks a very important anniversary for actress Tessa James and her rugby player husband, Nate Myles.

It is one year since James started her cancer treatment.

Myles took to Instagram to celebrate the milestone, sharing how proud he is of the ‘new woman’ his wife has become.

“12 months ago today this crazy human started her treatment and 6 months later I seen a totally new woman,” Myles wrote. “I’m always excited on how you look at life. Much (love).”

James was first diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2012.

She discovered a large lump on her neck, just above her collarbone. She brushed it off initially, but after some strong encouragement from friends and family, James sought medical help. The results were as the family feared.

She was just 23, and her father was suffering Non Hodgkins Lymphoma at the same time.

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James underwent chemotherapy treatment, an horrific experience which she shared on Sunday Night. “You can’t describe the feeling because it’s beyond feeling sick or nauseous,” she said.

Losing her hair was something else that impacted James more than she expected.

“She was amazing, she just took it on,” said partner Nate Myles.

But James admits, “It scared the shit out of me. It made it real, even more so that what it already was. This isn’t going to be as quick-fix as I thought.”

Now, 12 months later, she’s doing well.

James had a big party with family and friends in February this year, celebrating her final chemo treatment.

We’d say this is another moment worth celebrating.

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