What I wore to work: A 25-year-old journalist with a thing for 'ugly' sandals and thrifty finds.

Getting dressed for work can be a lot of things: Exciting, frustrating, inspiring, a chore, or a creative outlet. Each to their own. In our new series, ‘What I wore to work,’ we ask Australian women to give us a week-long snapshot into what they wear, and why. From capsule wardrobe devotees, to ‘throw it on and dash out the door types,’ it’s a pervy look into the closets of everyday women. To kick things off we have Mamamia lifestyle writer Jess Wang.

Job: Writer at Mamamia.

Office dress code: I’ve interpreted it as ‘creative smart casual’. Personal style is encouraged, but I’m wary that I’m still dressing for work.

How would you describe your personal style?

Oh, I wish I knew. I like a bit of everything and can’t decide on a set ‘style’. If I had my dream wardrobe (and budget) I would dress like 98-year-old fashion icon, Iris Apfel, but unfortunately, I’m a lot less ‘maximalist’ than her.


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I like combining classic silhouettes with statement pieces, and I love to experiment with prints and colours. I get a lot of joy from piecing together my outfit each day and like to mix my vintage and thrifty finds with more contemporary and basic pieces.

When it comes to jewellery, I pretty much wear the same thing day-after-day. I sleep in my Sarah and Sebastian gold necklace (it was a 21st birthday present) and my jade bangle which is on (permanent) loan from my mum.  I also love a pair of gold hoops and I’m never without my watch. I even have the tan lines to prove it.

Sometimes I think I should take a Steve Jobs-approach to dressing and stick to a revolving cycle of grey t-shirts with mum jeans, but then I remember that would be a waste of approximately 90 per cent of my wardrobe.

Now onto the outfits…


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Today was one of those days where I woke up and knew I wanted to wear this linen set. The shirt and pants are from Assembly Label and they’re both really versatile pieces.

The linen fabric makes this outfit super breezy and comfortable, and I like that it’s a little Scandinavian, but it’s the nude slides I’m most excited about. They’re the orthopedic Maseur sandals with the bobbly soles, and I’m obsessed. The majority of the Mamamia editorial team think they’re absolutely disgusting, but I bought a pair as soon as I read about them on our website.

Also, my feet have never been happier.

Summer work outfits
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Can we all agree that a leopard print slip skirt has worked its way into becoming a staple piece? I got mine from Réalisation Par, price-wise it was an investment, but it's so flattering and I can wear it with pretty much every top in my wardrobe.

Today's shirt was from a Vinnies, and it's one of my favourite pieces. It's made with this anti-wrinkly fabric, so I never have to iron it and probably cost me $12. The paisley print and over-sized shape is probably a bit 'out there', but it's a great colour and pairs so well with denim and leather too.

Summer work outfits
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This is what I wore to the Mamamia Christmas party. It's another piece from Réalisation Par and one of my favourite dresses. I really love the brand for their flattering, super-wearable silk pieces. They're on the pricier side, but I wait until they have a sale and then strike.

I wore the wrap dress as is, with a little cami underneath because #bigboobproblems. Sometimes I'll also wear the dress undone as a kimono, just to lower that cost-per-wear.

Summer work outfits
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It's the day after the Christmas party and I'm not feeling too inspired. On days like this, I'll go for an all-black outfit. It still makes you look put together but it doesn't matter what pieces you choose, you know they'll work.

Also, shoutout to this ASOS leather skirt. It's the most hardworking item of clothing in my wardrobe. I've had it for five years, and I probably wear it at least once a week.

Summer work outfits
This leather skirt from ASOS has definitely fulfilled its cost per wear quota. Image: Supplied.


The Masseur sandals have made a comeback. While this might look like another all-black outfit, I'm actually wearing a navy duster coat. Revolutionary, I know.

It's a low-key outfit, but they're both really good basic pieces that I've owned for years and regularly wear.

I've significantly cut back on my shopping over the past few years, and definitely prioritise wearability over trends. I try to limit my scrolling on shopping apps and now get a lot of pleasure from coming up with new clothing combinations from my existing wardrobe. It's more creatively satisfying and kinder on the environment... and my bank account.

Summer work outfits
A lightweight duster jacket is a godsend against the office air-con. Image: Supplied.

Do you have a go-to outfit? Tell us in a comment below!

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