How an innocent childhood lolly caused a horrific injury.

It’s unbelievable that this injury was caused by a lolly.

It was a normal day like any other. Mum Hayley woke up and started getting her son Lachlan ready. However, a lolly eaten on the sly before breakfast changed the course of their entire day because that lolly allegedly did this to Lachlan’s tongue.

Lachlan. Image via Facebook.

Hayley posted this photo of Lachlan's injury on Facebook shortly after, saying: 

I really felt the need to share this photo: this happened after he was eating sour war head candy. It has burnt a hole in his tongue.

We spoke to Hayley to find out exactly what happened.

This is the first time Lachlan has this kind of war head. They are very small, the size of the burn. Lachlan's uncle had brought him these as a little present and Lachlan had snuck one in when he woke up in the morning. He came in and complained his tongue hurt so I got him to open his mouth and it was very red and had burnt through a layer or two of skin.

It seems that he isn't the only one to have suffered a WARHEAD-related-injury. There's even a phrase that describes the common tongue and mouth irritation associated with them. It's called 'sour burn'.

Thankfully Lachlan is healing quickly. By the afternoon it looked like this:


WARHEAD Sour Candies are an incredibly hard, super-sour lolly that kids seem to love to torture themselves with. They contain the ingredient 'malic acid' which creates the extreme sour taste before the sweetness, thankfully, comes through. They are marketed as an 'extreme candy' by makers Impact Confections.

The company frequently challenges kids to compete to see who can eat the most at once and hang on through the intense sour layers. Their website is filled with the results of these competitions and it all seems like great fun, until it leaves a boy, like Lachlan, in extreme pain and unable to eat.

Check out all the WARHEAD continues below the gallery.

Invented in the seventies, they became a big hit in the early nineties. They've recently become popular again thanks to rebranding and a range of equally sour products such as Sour Straps and my favourite, Sour Patch Kids, which are a soft and chewy version of WARHEADS with the same extreme sour layer quickly followed by delicious sweetness.

Despite Lachlan's tongue showing improvement by the afternoon, mum Hayley said he was in incredible pain and unable to eat into the evening.

It must have just been so inflamed this morning...but it looks so much better now. The big thing is, I guess, is still and more so in pain.

The company does include an official WARNING on their products:

They may need to add, "Sucking on one piece for too long can cause burns to the tongue and mouth". The word 'irritation' doesn't seem to cover Lachlan's injury.

Hayley says she won't be allowing Lachlan to eat this particular WARHEAD candy again.

I think Lachlan has learned a lesson and won't be challenging his strength by even wanting to have one again and I most certainly will not be allowing any kind of WARHEAD into our household. Hopefully, he will remember this and not have them again. Lachlan says that he did suck on it for periods of time in the one spot until he felt it burn.

Have your kids ever had a lolly-related-injury? Are they fans of WARHEAD Sour Candies?

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