The divisive Shark Tank pitch that resulted in a $300K deal, with just one exception.

When aspiring-actress Laura Meldon approached the Shark Tank panel she had a bizarre introduction.

“Get dear shocks, take a hanky time today,” she said.

In reality, it’s not as weird as it sounds.

Laura was there representing Academic Transcription – a company that provides transcripts of audio and video footage to e-learning platforms. She initially entered the industry as a freelance transcriber before creating her own small business in 2012, and absorbing a similar business 10 times its size in 2015.

Now, Laura divides her time between working on her business and travelling for her acting work. She said that she’s spent the past five years on cruise ships and flying in and out of London, her home town of Brisbane and New York – where she performs Off Broadway.

Shark Tank's Academic Transcription
Laura's pitch started off strong, but quickly went downhill. Image: Shark Tank.

Despite this, financially, her numbers were solid.

Academic Transcription made $1.392 million in revenue in the last financial year, with a 40 per cent gross profit and Laura was asking the Sharks for a $300k investment, giving them 20 per cent equity in return.

However, when the issue of how dedicated she was as the CEO of the company, the Sharks didn't hold back their disapproval.

"That sounds like the biggest bunch of fluff I've heard in my life," said Shark Steve Baxter, when he found out that she wasn't involved in the business' day-to day operation, and only spent 30 hours a week working on Academic Transcription.

"You are engaged doing your hobby and you think you're running a business."

Shark Naomi Simson had similar feedback.

"If there's one piece of advice, I think you need to create some kind of emotional connection with your audience and you really missed [that]," she said.


Watch the moment in the episode where Laura's pitch starts unravelling:

Video by Channel 10

But there was one Shark who disagreed.

Having experience in the transcription industry, Dr. Glen Richards was interested, but had a few conditions.

"Can I just ask you a simple question," he began.

"How do you feel about sacking the CFO and sacking the CEO and we go and find two people who are going to be focused on the business, 50 hours a week each?" he asked her, offering her $300k for a 40 per cent stake in her company - double her initial 20 per cent ask.

After a phone conversation with her mum, and now-terminated CFO, Laura gladly accepted... even if she incidentally demoted herself and fired her mum in the process.

Posting on Twitter after last night's episode, it seems like Dr. Glen and Laura are off to a great start.

"Even more impressed after our first meeting. Good actress but Laura really does know her business and has big plans to expand," he shared to his 3,200+ followers, and we wish them all the best.

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