The curious reason why we see the Shark Tank judges wear the same clothes every episode.

If you’re a keen observer of Shark Tank, you might have noticed that the Sharks wear the same thing every episode.

This season, Red Balloon founder, Naomi Simson is always in a bright red, peplum dress, Boost founder Janine Allis wears an olive green jump suit and Andrew Banks, Steve Baxter and Dr Glen Richards consistently wear their chosen suits.

And despite each Shark having a net worth of millions, it’s the same identical outfits episode after episode, pitch after pitch.

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However, the Daily Mail have unearthed a blog post of Janine’s, dating back to February, 2015, that explains it all.

Writing about her transition from her daily uniform of ‘athleisure,’ no makeup and a messy bun to spending two hours in a makeup chair, the Boost Juice founder and co-owner of Retail Zoo explained the process.

“The clothes I wore during the show were another learning curve for me,” she wrote.

“Shine, the production house told me that we need to wear the same clothes for the entire filming so they can mix and match the pitches so that each show has a great balance. As you can imagine, the pressure was huge to get the outfit right, particularly for me as I am not that fashion forward.

“I am very familiar with Lululemon and Lorna Jane but, really did not know where to go to get the outfit!”

In other words, we aren’t seeing the contestants’ pitches in the order they appeared before the judges. Therefore, the Sharks’ outfits need to be consistent.

Janine said she was assigned a stylist to help her find the “perfect outfit” and in 2015 that was a top by Australia designer Dion Lee and pants and shoes by Hugo Boss.

The Shark Tank cast in 2015. Image: Channel 10.

Now we've done some research, and while the judges change their chosen outfit from season to season, it remains consistent throughout filming.

Although for Naomi, scarlet red shade seems to be her signature colour, with the entrepreneur regularly seen in the hue both on the show and during media appearances.

In a 2017 episode of Tea With Jules, the entrepreneur told host, Jules Sebastian, the reasons behind her conscious switch.

"I didn’t pay myself for years, so I was always wearing the same capri pants and top," she said.

"My good colleague Gemma took me aside one day and said ‘You are a CEO. Could you please dress like one?’"

Shark Tank cast outfits 2016
Naomi's outfits have remained consistently bold throughout the years. Image: Channel 10.

Naomi then recalled the moment someone told her she "looked lovely in red" at a speaking engagement over a decade ago, and the rest was history.

"When they see the red, they know it’s me and can settle and listen. Those first few seconds in a speaking engagement are really important to bring the audience into your story. In the bathroom afterwards, I often hear people say 'oh she's the red lady' or 'the red shark'," she said.

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