PSA: Kmart is selling a pair of $25 jeans that literally sculpts your body.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is much like finding the perfect barista. It’s not easy, but the time and effort that goes into the journey pays off daily.

Just like your morning coffee, the “sculpting skinny jeans” from Kmart are likely to wake you up and give you life.

And they’re only $25.

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The jeans have been celebrated by numerous bargain-hunting fashionistas online.

Luxe and Lemonade compared the jeans to “Hogwarts” because they are so damn magic.

“These jeans went to Hogwarts. That’s the only way I can explain how they allow you to consume your weight in chocolate but still look like you did 100 squats at the gym,” she raved in an Instagram post.


Lifestyle editor at Community News and children’s author Belinda Lisa was equally as impressed by the fit, calling them “magical”.

And for The Kmart Mumma they are the “perfect” pair of jeans.

“Shopping for jeans is the absolute worst.. (you all know what I am talking about) BUT.. I have finally found the PERFECT pair for me!” she wrote on Instagram.


The jeans are extra high rise, and have actual real pockets you can put things in (unlike the fake jegging pockets) on the front and back of the jean. WIN.

They are available in three colours meaning there’s something for everyone, and they come in sizes 6 to 18.

sculpting skinny jeans kmart
Look at that SCULPT. Image: Kmart.

You can peruse them at your leisure (and buy them in every colour) on the Kmart website.

If you're after an alternative option, Target has a line of Sophie jeans that are equally as esteemed.

Since launching the Sophie jeans in 2015, more than 1.1 million pairs have been sold across Australia... that's one in eight Australian women.

Bargain hunter Trash to Treasured raves about the cult jeans, calling them "famous".


The Sophie jeans are on sale for $30 until June 26.

They come in sizes 6 to 26, with the "curve" design of the jeans in blue and black available to buy here.

kmart jeans
Yes queen. Image: Target.

Short on cash? It might be time to choose between your morning coffee and the holy grail of jeans... just for one week.

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