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He campaigned against same-sex marriage. Then his daughter married a woman.

He campaigned against same-sex marriage. Now, he’s blessed his daughter’s wedding to a woman.

The head of an Australian Catholic lobby group against same-sex marriage has attended and “blessed” the wedding of his daughter and her female partner.

Peter Westmore is the president of the National Civic Council of Australia (NCC), which has actively campaigned against same sex marriage for decades.

same sex marriage hypocrisy
Peter Westmore. Image: Screenshot via Youtube.

According to The Age, Mr Westmore has previously rallied against the legalisation of gay marriage in New Zealand, and lobbied the Australian government to not recognise international same-sex marriages.

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As stated on its website, the NCC considers “the family” as one of its core values, and supports “policies which enhance intact families, rejection of lifestyles which undermine family values.”

Trish Hackney-Westmore (left) with her wife Christy. Image: Facebook.

However, on Tuesday Mr Westmore confirmed he attended his daughter Trish’s wedding to partner Christy in New Zealand last year.


“She always has my blessing in everything she does,” he said.

Well, that’s nice.

But unfortunately — and rather confusingly — Mr Westmore has since stated he still does not support marriage equality.

same sex marriage hypocrisy
Mr Westmore’s daughter married her partner Christy in New Zealand where same sex marriage is legal. Image: iStock.

Fairfax Media reports he did not respond to their request to comment on the apparent hypocrisy of his actions.

The NCC is one of the religious groups opposed to the “freedom to marry” bill, scheduled for debate in Federal Parliament on Thursday.

The controversial group also made headlines recently when they sent emails to thousands of politicians supporting Tony Abbott ahead of the recent leadership spill motion.

When do you think marriage equality will be legalised in Australia? 

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