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snorks July 5, 2020

Just booked in my parent teacher interviews this morning. We get 8 mins which is generally enough. 

Problem is they are the teachers for the first semester when I want to talk about what to do going forward. Often they aren't teaching my kids going forwards.

Most teachers do a great job, but my kid is one in a group of 30, and there are several classes per day. They do what they can but they just can't give one on one attention. 

That's why I like to talk to the teachers, to find out how I can help my kids going forward. 

snorks July 2, 2020

@laura__palmer You said that it's always been this way, how else am I supposed to take that?

'I don't care what people watch'  -You said if people find it funny they need to reevaluate what they watch. So you don't care what people watch, but you will judge them for it? Makes perfect sense. 

LOL i'm not moving the goal posts, you are bringing in arguments which have nothing to do with my point. I haven't changed my position, which is people being offended is not a good reason to change things. 

Yes, I read up on it a few years ago, it's not new. It just has nothing to do with my point. 

snorks July 2, 2020

@laura__palmer Seriously, how long do you think it takes me to prepare my arguments on here? 15 minutes a day maybe?

I never said they didn't have the right to remove whatever they like.

It'd be a lot quicker if I didn't have to keep writing 'that's not what I said'. 

snorks July 2, 2020

@laura__palmer That's totally not my point. My point is about restricting where people can watch it because of some people complaining. 

And if someone complained about Mad Men (which let's face it would be easy to do) you would have to pay to watch it somewhere else. Not everyone is able to do that. 

snorks July 2, 2020

@laura__palmer Do you think we should keep things a certain way just because it's always been like that?

Of course they shouldn't be forced to keep things up. Pretty easy answer. 

You can be offended by something and be okay with other people watching it. 

'Face it, things are changing and thinking that white men in black face exploiting marginalised communities is okay makes you look like a racist to a lot of people.' - I don't agree with it. I don't find any of his stuff entertaining. 

snorks July 2, 2020

@laura__palmer So you're happy with racist shows in general, just not on Netflix?

snorks July 2, 2020

@cat I never suggested they shouldn't pay. Other's who agree with you are saying I should just torrent it though, you should have a go at them.

So, you're saying that you know what I think based on what other people have said about a topic? That's really bizarre. 

'You’ve refused to even consider effects of these shows on POC' - Of course I have. 

'argued that no one has a right to ‘take them away'  - Have I said that??

How is removing them from being available not taking them away?

snorks July 1, 2020

@cat Laura_Palmer is the one that said that complaints was one reason Netfilx would stop showing something. 

So you don't think it's dictating, you just think it's okay to force people to pay extra if they want to watch it on Stan or Foxtel, etc? How privileged of you. 

'This pretence that the real tragedy is that your rights are being impinged is sad and laughable'  - Where have I said anything like that??

snorks July 1, 2020

@cat Not sure what definition you want to use for success then. 

I was using PEN15 as an example of that kind of thing still being made. 

snorks July 1, 2020

@laura__palmer perhaps because most of them aren't kids movies?

So, no real comeback to my point? Just you don't like him so that makes me wrong?

snorks July 1, 2020

@laura__palmer they are generally removed from service because their rights to the product run out. 

If people complaining is one of those reasons, how is that not them dictating what people can watch?

snorks July 1, 2020

@laura__palmer do you think everyone who wanted to watch these shows on streaming also have the DVDS?

snorks July 1, 2020

@laura__palmer I'm not suggesting that in 100 years there will be university degrees studying their impact on society, just that a sizable amount of people watch them. 

snorks July 1, 2020

@laura__palmer 'No one is stopping you'  - You have to know that's not true though, right? Many of these shows are being taken down from streaming services, etc.

snorks July 1, 2020

@laura__palmer Individuals can do all the re-evaluating they want, but should they get to say what other people can watch?

No, what I said didn't have anything to do with race. This larger issue obviously has to do with race, but that doesn't mean every comment has to do with race. 

snorks July 1, 2020

@cat You said everything he's made in the last 15 years has flopped, he's won 3 Logies in that time period. 

'Most of us finish high school and move on'  - Not a fan of John Hughes then?

22 year old?! That's being optimistic. 
Try the TV show PEN15 for something in a similar vein. That's from 2019.

snorks July 1, 2020

@cat He was nominated as best actor in 2014. He must be popular with enough people.  

snorks June 30, 2020

@panda78 So if one person can cause all this ruckus and lead to things getting taken off TV, who exactly has the power?

'but offending someone is THE perfect time to reevaluate your position'  - Not really. Just as easy to say that you should look into yourself to discover why you are offended. 

snorks June 30, 2020

@laura__palmer Adults playing teenagers is an extremely common trope. As much as I don't find him funny I find it hard to believe he's not aware of it. 

snorks June 30, 2020

@laura__palmer 'Actually, if the people who are being depicted are offended by the depiction, it's a great reason to evaluate people's work.' - Actually, no it isn't. 

'There is such an arrogance about white people and comedy, that they should get to do and say as they please without criticism.'  - Which would make sense if I had said anything to do with race. But I didn't. 

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