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simple simon June 18, 2020

" is credited with pushing her husband to pursue the presidency"

Huh? I thought Melania Trump was literally crying the night Donald Trump won the presidency?

simple simon June 15, 2020

"’it's no one's business. It’s my real life. So best people stay out of it"

Said the individual who's been on four (4) reality shows?

simple simon June 10, 2020

So why was the original conviction thrown out three years later? 

simple simon June 4, 2020

"a home job would do just fine"


simple simon May 26, 2020

"women NEVER getting up to pee after sex"

There was actually a movie that had this; with the woman also telling the man why. But sorry, I don't remember the movie's name.

simple simon May 22, 2020

@rush Also, wont it fade the clothes, if they're constantly exposed to sunlight?

simple simon May 15, 2020

What about that endless 'girl trying to get boy back' dance at the end of Trainwreck? That dance would've taken ages to learn and co-ordinate.

mamamia-user-869298775 May 8, 2020

Perhaps this is a sign that adult women (and men) should stop looking to celebrities for moral guidance.

mamamia-user-869298775 May 7, 2020

"He told me that the girlfriend had moved to China now, so did I want to pick up where we left off?”


mamamia-user-869298775 May 2, 2020

I find going to sleep the hardest thing. When you're home alone the whole day, everyday, it's like your body doesn't know that late night is the time for sleep.

mamamia-user-869298775 May 1, 2020

I remember a case where a wife was going to divorce her husband, but the husband didn't want her to get any money. But instead of hiding it, he spent it. He liquidated all the family assets, and then deliberately blew it all on wine, women and song.

But it didn't work. A (female) judge ordered that he still owed a portion of that amount of money to the wife.

mamamia-user-869298775 April 30, 2020

@paul Sorry. I realised afterwards that was the case.

But I think the disqus format, where the name of the article appeared (and linked), was preferable.

Also, it would be good to know how many comments the article has.

mamamia-user-869298775 April 30, 2020

I assume someone's already raised this, but just to be sure...
When you go to the comments page, it doesn't show and link to the article the comment is to.

Simple Simon April 28, 2020

"the world lavished more praise on [Adele's] smaller frame than they ever did on her musical accomplishments"

Ummm... Adele's musical accomplishments have been lavishly praised and celebrated.

Simple Simon April 10, 2020

Well, famous and/or rich men can date gorgeous young things no matter what their age.

Simple Simon April 10, 2020

Posting a picture of your dog and partner is not putting your whole private life on public display.

Simple Simon April 9, 2020

This isn't a "what about the menz". When an older woman is with a younger man, all I ever hear is: older men are with younger women all the time, and no one says anything about that.

(And again, when an older man is with a younger woman, if the man is rich/famous - as per this case - it doesn't count.)

Simple Simon April 9, 2020

Huh? Does that really extend to making insulting comments on someone's private life?

Simple Simon April 9, 2020

"no social events means no buying new clothes”
Huh? Do you have to buy new clothes for every social event? (Yes, I am naive straight man.)

"my roommates ... are covering my rent"

Simple Simon April 9, 2020

So can we now stop with the line that when a man is with a much younger woman, no one says anything about it?

(Having said that, when the man is rich/famous, it doesn't count.)

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