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1. Police officer said woman’s breast cancer: “Not their problem.”

A woman has been fined for incorrectly wearing a seatbelt after she attached a bulldog clip to stop the pain from the belt where she had a breast cancer related operation.

Lin Riley, 68, had been pulled over on Oxford Street in Sydney for a random breath test and presented her licence to the police officer.

The officer noticed her seatbelt was harnessed with a bulldog clip and asked Ms Riley why.

She told The Daily Telegraph she had various treatments on her left breast for breast cancer, which resulted in a mastectomy.

“The belt made it very uncomfortable to drive, so when I didn’t have a passenger or I couldn’t catch public transport, I put a bulldog clip where the seatbelt comes out of the roller,” she said.

“It just lifts the belt away from my chest just a small amount so it doesn’t go tight across my left side and cause me pain.”

The officer noticed her seatbelt was harnessed with a bulldog clip and asked Ms Riley why. Via IStock.

When the officer noticed the clip he said to Ms Riley ‘That’s not my problem,’” she said.

“I told him and showed him that I still had the belt on, and the officer just said that my issues weren’t his problem.

“He asked me to pull over to the side of the road, and another officer walked over to my car and asked why I was still there. I explained to the him about my breast cancer and my seatbelt, and that officer didn’t care either.”

“The officer walked away with my licence, and kept me waiting for 35 minutes,” she said.

“Then when he returned with the ticket, he said, ‘I’ve done you a favour, and the ticket will only be for $360.’

Ms Riley’s oncologist later gave her a certificate saying he had never heard of such an attitude from police.

News Limited reports that Ms Riley had broken the law as she didn’t have a medical certificate with her at the time of infringement.

“It’s just really unfortunate because the officers were so rude and not understanding of my situation. When they said my health problems weren’t their problems ... that really upset me to be frank.’’

News Limited reports police have now ben in touch with Ms Riley and apologised.

2. Tori Johnson’s last text message.

The inquest into the Lindt Café siege has shown cafe manager Tori Johnson’s final text message – sent just 30 minutes before he was killed.

At 1.43am on December 16, 2014 trapped inside the Lindt Café by gunman Man Monis Mr. Johnson wrote:

“He’s increasingly agitated. Walks around when he hears noises outside with a hostage in front of him. Wants to release one person in good faith. Tell police.”

His previous text message at 10pm had simply read “I love you all. Still alive. Very scared.”

3. ‘Wolf Creek’ rapist jailed for nine years.

A man who kidnapped, drugged and raped a German backpacker has been sentenced to nine years jail.

Peter Van de Wetering, 48, pleading guilty to multiple offences, including kidnapping and rape.


The court heard the man picked up the backpacker at a bus stop south of Warwick in August 2013 after she answered an advertisement for a nanny and farmhand position.

Van de Wetering turned up in a hired car wearing a disguise involving a beard, wig and moustache.

He fed the 19-year-old chocolate and had her hands cable-tied Crown prosecutor David Meredith said.

She was taken to a shearing shed where he also bound her legs and raped her, it was heard.

“This offending involved an entirely ruthless pursuit of a young and innocent woman for your sexual gratification,” District Court Judge Terry Martin told rapist Peter Van de Wetering.

“You subjected her to a terrifying and degrading ordeal in an isolated location and you have caused her ongoing psychological damage.”

“I do not think for one moment there is any genuine remorse in this case,” Judge Martin said.

4. Man who took photographs of a young woman's genitals without her consent while she slept "should be imprisoned."

A prosecutor has called a man's actions "deviant behaviour" after he took photographs of a young woman's genitals without her consent while she slept, and has called for him to be imprisoned.

Christopher Kenny, 23,  pleaded guilty to indecent filming and during sentencing submissions before Chief Judge Geoffrey Muecke in the South Australian District Court.

The court heard, while at a New Year's Eve party with a woman he knew in January 2013, Kenny took six photographs of her genitals while she was asleep, with the woman waking to the sound of a phone camera.

The court heard after the crown decided in January not to proceed with a rape charge against him, Kenny posted on Facebook: "I hope that bitch gets what's coming to her" reports the ABC. 

Chief Judge Muecke said the case highlighted the problematic nature of social media.

"People think they can take photos of a young woman's genitals and save it away and then post on Facebook that she's a bitch and she will get what's coming to her," he said.

"Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to call them social media is the antithesis of what they are, they are anti-social media.

"People converse not between themselves but over the internet without the other person being there, what could be more anti-social than that?

"I'm prepared to accept that your client would not have said to her face, in front of others, what he put on Facebook."

Prosecutor Peter Longson said the offence "clearly called for imprisonment" and rejected claims in a psychologist report that Kenny's actions did not constitute paraphilia.

"This is deviant behaviour, this is not a momentary lapse of good judgement," Mr Longson said.

"In my respectful submission, standardised sexual behaviour of adults doesn't include going around covertly photographing their genitals.

Kenny could face a maximum penalty of two years' jail or a $10,000 fine.

5. Bid to outlaw late-term abortions in Victoria fails.

A bid by Democratic Labour Party MP Rachel Carling-Jenkins to change abortion laws and ban late-term terminations in Victoria has failed.  The Bill called on doctors to be prosecuted if they performed abortions on women who were 24 weeks or more pregnant and would have forced hospitals to provide more support to women in “distress”.


A passionate debate in the Legislative Council heard that several MP’s said in late-term abortions were cruel.

Currently in Victoria a woman can have an abortion after 24 weeks of pregnancy as long as two doctors have agreed it is appropriate.

The Bill was defeated 27 votes to 11 reports The Herald Sun.

6. Teenage girl allegedly indecently assaulted in peak hour on Sydney train.

Teen assaulted on train. Via Facebook.

Police have appealed for help after a 17-year-old girl was indecently assaulted on a train in Sydney during Wednesday morning's busy commuter peak.

The teenager was travelling between Strathfield and Ashfield stations at around 8.30am when a man standing next to her put his hand up her skirt, police say, and indecently assaulted her.

"The girl moved to another carriage and the matter was reported to police after she got off the train," police said in a statement.

They've appealed for members of the public who had been on the train at the time for information.

The man is described as being around 30 years old, of "Indian/Sub-Continental appearance" with short black hair, and who was wearing a black top and sunglasses.

Crimestoppers: 1800 333 000.

7. NSW toddler in hospital after “accidentally shooting herself.”

A toddler from Ballina has undergone surgery after police say she accidentally shot herself in the leg with a replica pistol she found.

The three-year-old had found the air pistol, which shot ball bearings but looked like a regular gun in her Ballina home and was playing with it when she pulled the trigger and it discharged.

The replica pistol shot a ball bearing into her leg.

A 39-year-old man took her to Ballina District Hospital, where police were told of her injury. The girl had surgery to remove the ball bearing and was later discharged to the care of her parents.

Police went to the hospital and started an investigation. The replica pistol has been seized.

Charges are expected to be laid.

8. Doctors claim 'heaviest newborn baby girl ever' has been born.

Another in India has given birth to a 6.8kg baby girl, believed to be the heaviest female infant ever born.

The newborn weighs the same amount as the average six-month-old and is reportedly twice the size of the average baby.

The baby girl was delivered by cesarean section to her 19-year-old mother Nandini.

Dr Venkatesh Raju, the local health officer, said: "In my 25 years of experience, I had never seen such a big baby.

"She is a miracle. I believe she is not only the heaviest baby born in India but the heaviest baby girl ever born in the world."

The current Guinness Record holder for heaviest birth is held by a baby boy born in Italy who was born at 10.2 kg to Sig. Carmelina Fedele at Aversa, Italy in September 1955.

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