Here's exactly what your choice of phone case says about you as a person.

Have you ever wondered what your phone case says about you?


…Yeah, we haven’t either.

But let’s not pretend we don’t all love very philosophical and accurate personality tests like finding out what flavour Dorito we are.

They are a very important means of procrastination way of discovering yourself.

Okay, so while your phone case meaning is probably not something you’ve thought about before because you’re too busy thinking about… other things (like Doritos), we all have a sensible friend with a folio cover, an Instagram junkie with a mirrored case and selfie light, and a quirky friend with a giant plastic hot dog or similar.

So in a sense, the necessity of phone cases (thank you smartphones for your incredibly fragile screens) has led to them becoming in many ways a reflection of our personalities.

These days, many people consider their phone cases just as important as their earrings, nail polish or handbag as a means of expressing themselves. And with all manner of fashion labels, tech companies and bespoke designers jumping on board to create statement phone covers, we really are spoilt for choice.

According to a survey conducted by phone case company Tirita, 53 per cent of millennial respondents own more than one phone case, and nearly two-thirds match their case with their outfit or makeup.

Whether you favour the extra phone case covered in sparkles, or opt for the comfortable shoe of the phone case world with a folio cover, here are all the extremely important meanings behind your phone case and what it says about you. A phone case horoscope, if you will.


You definitely have your sh*t together. If anyone looked inside your handbag, there’d be not a loose receipt in sight. You never forget about your dentist appointments, and you’re always extremely early to the airport.

In fact, you can’t even fathom how a person could actually miss a flight.

You’ve never dropped your phone, you’ve read all your emails, and those who have hundreds of unread notifications absolutely horrify you.

You’re an extremely organised and logical person who others often turn to for advice.

People with smashed screens/no cases who have probably written more than one “I lost my phone, message me on here” Facebook status in their lifetime are NOT in your circle.

You might be a dad.

The Urban Samsung Galaxy leather wallet is available through Mamamia Shopping for $29.99.


You're fun. Maybe too fun. You're that friend who asks people out for "one drink" on a Wednesday night, but it's never one drink, is it?

It's many, many drinks at a night club until the early hours of the morning, and while you can always bounce back with the enthusiasm of a Labrador puppy the next morning, no one else can.

You always know where the cool bars are but you've probably been kicked out of a few.

You're a little kooky, but you're extremely popular and larger than life.

You love a selfie.

This floating glitter cactus phone case from Sportsgirl is $14.95.


Hello, fancy person.

You often host wine and cheese nights. None of your homewares come from Kmart (if they do you never tell anybody).

You're always reminding your friends to wash their makeup brushes.

You buy fresh flowers for the house but no one ever notices.

You tell people you love Chef's Table and French films and books about war... but you secretly love The Bachelor, too.

You fancy.

This crocodile emboss leather iPhone 7/8 case is $49 from Mon Purse.


You scoured the internet for months looking for a phone case no one else would have.

In fact, you were the first person to have a phone case.

You even knew about iPhones before they were a thing.

...But now you have a Samsung because Apple is sooo mainstream.

You roll your eyes at people who don't know the bands you listen to.

You are very good at recycling.


You'd rather be in Berlin.

Honest Blob says "no" phone case, Society 6, $35.99.


You are not afraid to send food back at restaurants, and if the people you're dining with won't, you'll do it for them.

Your hairdresser loves you because you talk so much.

You love emojis.

You delete your friend's exes from social media as soon as they break up.

Everyone thinks you're sassy, but you're a big softie on the inside.

The Aloha Bitches 3D phone case is $28 from Valfre.


You love to read Reddit threads in your spare time.

You're quiet and thoughtful and you're into gaming, or at least you have been at one point in your life.

Everyone asks you for tech help and no, they haven't tried turning it on and off.

You line up when the new iPhone comes out and upgrade every time a new model is released.

You wear a smart watch.

You call pants "slacks".

You can snap up the Samsung LED view cover via Mamamia Shopping for $69.99.


You hate wearing shoes, but you never use the word "hate".

You love Kombucha.

You are nice to everybody unless they forget their keep cup.

When you get drunk you give people lectures about climate change.

You love dogs, the beach, and dogs at the beach.

You listen to a lot of podcasts and you love to tell people about it.

And you're probably vegan.

This Pela turtle iPhone case is made from agricultural biproduct, it's $39 - which goes towards ocean conservation causes.


You're a lovable clutz who's trying really hard not to be.

You were always the kid who stepped in dog poo at the park in primary school.

You babysat all your parents' friend's kids in high school because kids adore you.

You always take blurry photos.

You once dropped your phone in the street and it got run over by a truck and then an eagle swooped down from the sky and picked it up with its talons and flew off into the distance, never to be seen again.

Your life has been considerably better since you bought the heavy duty phone case.

The X-Doria Defense Lux case is available for $49.99 on Mamamia Shopping. It looks hardcore.


You buy your clothes from the designer section of The Iconic.

You always have your toenails done.

You have a #girlsquad and you love spring racing season.

Sometimes, when you've had too much wine, you ask your friends to dare you to do ridiculous things like eat 14 pieces of McDonald's cheese and when you see footage of it on Snapchat you wish you could crawl into a hole and die.

...So you buy yourself a new succulent to feel better about it.

You secretly applied for The Bachelor and lied to your friends about it.

You're a micro-influencer.

This Kate Spade phone case is available from The Iconic for $69.95 and it is GLAM.


You have a complete lack of responsibility.

You cannot be trusted with nice things.

You forget people's names 20 seconds after they've introduced themselves.

You have probably lost three phones in the past year.

...You are me.

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