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1. Pauline Hanson shockingly sides with Donald Trump when it comes to his view on women.

Pauline Hanson has appeared in a media blitz in the wake of the Trump victory appearing on Sky News and the Nine’s Today Show praising the new president elect.

Ms Hanson told host Karl Stefanovic in a live cross that she believes the women who accused Mr Trump of sexual harassment was displaying “crocodile tears.”

When Stefanovic asked Hason what she thinks of Donald Trump’s views on women she responded by saying, “I watched one of those interviews from one of those women and she was talking about how he touched the side of her breast and she flinched.”

“All I saw was crocodile tears as far as I was concerned,” she continued.

“I think it was a polictical ploy. I think it was a beat up and I didn’t believe that.”

Hanson also commented on Trump’s infamous ‘grab them by the pussy’ remarks saying, “I didn’t condone his remarks that were said in private to someone else on that bus but that’s not unlike what a lot of other men would say.”

“I don’t condone those actions but the fact is he is president of the United States let’s see how he deals with pulling that country back together again. As it is in one hell of a mess.”

Ms Hanson has praised Mr Trump.

On Sky News she said that the people power that voted Trump in were the same voices as she heard in Australia

"They said 'we want our democracy back; we want a voice," Ms Hanson said.

2.  Hillary Clinton’s “painful defeat” to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s stunning victory in the US election has seen him win all the pivotal swing states he needed to gain his path to the White House.

In a speech that millions never expected to happen, Hillary Clinton took to the stage at 11.30am local time to urge her supporters to accept their new president and concede her “painful defeat”.

“I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans,” she said. “We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.”

President Obama also gave a speech where he said he had called Mr Trump “to congratulate him on his victory early this morning” and invited Trump to meet him at the White House on Thursday.

Hillary Clinton has so far won more votes than Donald Trump, with the final ballots left to be counted. The margin is small – with only 0.2 percentage points between the two candidates, but so far Mrs Clinton has collected 59.4 million votes, giving her a 47.7 per cent share, while Mr Trump has 59.2 million votes and a 47.5 per cent share.

It will be the second time that a Democratic leader has won the popular vote but failed to become the president, because the same thing happened to Al Gore in 2000.

But it is the electoral college vote that counts.

As the world reacted with shock the front page of one newspaper reflected the general amazement and distress at the upset, The Daily Telegraph making news in America for its front page.


So who voted for him?

Of the white voters, who make up 69% of the total, 58% voted for Trump and 37% for Clinton. Non-white voters, who make up 31% of the electorate, voted 74% for Clinton and 21% for Trump. White men opted 63% for Trump and 31% for Clinton; white women voted 53% for Trump and 43% for Clinton. 54% of male college graduates voted for Trump, as did 45% of female college graduates.

In young people 18- to 29-year-old whites voted for Trump (48%) and Clinton (43%).

In other US election news:

  • Vladimir Putin has congratulated the new President tweeting: “Congratulations to Donald Trump on winning the #US presidential election,” with a link to a lengthier statement. Putin said he hopes to work with America to improve relations between Russia and the United States.
  • Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel have reached out to Donald Trump. Francois Hollande said the decision “opens a period of uncertainty” for the world with the “future of the planet”, global security and peace at stake. Angela Merkel said, “I am offering the future president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, close co-operation.”
  • There have been protests across California after Donald Trump was elected. In Oakland police said between 60 and 70 protesters gathered in the city's downtown.
  • Donald Trump’s campaign manager said the president-elect would not rule out a special prosecutor to investigate rival Hillary Clinton.
  • Pauline Hanson has celebrated Trump's win with champagne.
  • Trump has sent out his first tweet as president-elect. "Such a beautiful and important evening! The forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. We will all come together as never before," Trump tweeted to his 13.5 million followers at 6:36am, just a few hours after giving his victory speech.

3. Sara Connor tells court “I’m innocent.”

Australain mum Sara Connor has faced court in Bali telling the judges she is innocent.

The 45-year-old mother from Byron Bay was handcuffed to her boyfriend David Taylor as they were led into the holding cells at Denpasar District Court.

Prosecutors claimed it was Ms Connor and Mr Taylor who were responsible for the frenzied attack on Bali police officer Wayan Sudarsa on August 17.

But Ms Connor told the court: "I'm innocent".

Her lawyer Erwin Siregar said they will be challenging the indictment, adding it was not "accurate, clear or complete".

Mr Siregar said Ms Connor should not be facing the charge of Sara Connor has declared her innocence during her murder trial in a Bali court over the death of a local policeman.

The 45-year-old mother from Byron Bay was handcuffed to boyfriend David Taylor as they were led into the holding cells at Denpasar District Court this morning in preparation for the first day of their trials.

As prosecutors outlined their case today, they were unequivocal in claiming it was Ms Connor and Mr Taylor who were responsible for the death of Bali police officer Wayan Sudarsa on August 17.

But after hearing the case against her, Ms Connor was equally explicit and told the court: "I'm innocent".

Her lawyer Erwin Siregar said they will be challenging the indictment and that she should not be facing the charges of murder, fatal assault in company and assault causing death, but should be facing the charge of eliminating evidence.

4. Mum of woman killed crossing the road in Sydney says she would do anything to change places with her daughter.

The devastated mother of a young Sydney woman who was killed while crossing the road has said she would do anything to change places with her daughter.

Danielle McGrath, 26, was killed when she was struck by a truck as she crossed a road at Caringbah, at 7:40am on Tuesday while on her way to work.

Her mother, Helen Kerr McGrath, wrote on Facebook that she longed to hold her daughter in her arms one last time.

"If I could change places with you I would do this in an instant. I loved you the moment you were born, not a day went by that you would make someone smile and laugh.

"I don't know how I am every going to get through this and I will be waiting every day to have our regular call just to tell me you love me. I love you more than you will every know and I pray that you are loved in heaven as you were loved by everyone here."


5. Tram crash in London leaves seven dead.

A tram has derailed in Croydon, south London killing at least seven people after it was travelling at a "significantly higher speed than is permitted", the independent Rail Accident Investigation Branch said.

More than 50 people were injured, some seriously, when the crowded rush-hour tram tipped onto its side next to an underpass.

London’s mayor said the death toll may rise.

The driver of the tram has been arrested.

6. Man gets $34,000 engagement ring for $1,100 after a 'typo' on a company website.

A groom who bought a $1,110 engagement ring online for his fiance and didn't get his order after the retailer refused to hand over the diamond that was actually worth $34,000, has won the ring after legal action forced the company to hand it over.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Nicholas Buttle, from Brisbane, bought his fiancee a two-carat diamond engagement ring online for $1,100 but when the retailer realised they had mistakenly labelled it they refused to hand it over.

It was actually worth $34,000.

Mr Buttle took legal action against Sydney-based jewellery retailer Royal Diamonds Pty Ltd and has won.

The retailer has been forced to hand over a 'substitute ring' with a 'diamond of similar or higher grade' after appealing the decision but losing again.

7. Prince Phillip hasn’t had the flu in 40 years.

He may be prone to the odd gaffe but it seems he is doing something right health wise.

At the age of 95, Prince Philip has revealed he’s managed to avoid the flu for the past four decades.

During a visit to the Francis Crick Institute in London alongside Queen Elizabeth on Wednesday, the Prince told a flu expert that he hasn’t had the illness for 40 years.

While speaking to flu expert Dr. Yi Pu Lin at the biomedical research center, Philip asked if someone could develop an immunity or resistance to flu, then added: “Why haven’t I had flu for the last 40 years?”

Dr. Lin said, “He said he was now 95 and he may previously been infected and now he has immunity, even with new viruses coming the immunity can be stimulated, so that’s possible.

“Different people have different immuno responses and for some people it’s probably easier to catch and for some people probably not that [easy].”

The doctor also mentioned that the royal’s method of travel may also play a part in his ability to fight off the flu, saying unlike the public, who “go to the Tube every day” the prince’s lifestyle offers alternative travel arrangements.

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