Michelle Bridges laughs off critics and digs into crepes on Polynesian holiday.

Last week, Michelle Bridges, 44, was widely criticised for her decision to keep exercising during pregnancy.

Mamamia published a piece in defense of her choice, which you can read here, and the lady herself wanted us to know what she thought of it.

Bridges tagged this pic “Snork dorks”. Good one, Michelle. Image via Instagram.

She wasn’t too busy luxuriating in tropical Tahiti with her partner Steve Willis, 39, to respond.

A few things are very clear: Bridges is not letting the negativity get her down, and we are disgustingly jealous of her French Polynesian crepes.

In fact, we’re pretty jealous of her whole holiday with baby-daddy-to-be Steve “Commando” Willis.

Tahiti. Jealous? Well, yeah, actually. Image via Instagram.

Bridges describes the Tahiti resort as the “perfect” balance for training and relaxing.

We can’t comment too much on the training, but the relaxation sure looks good.

Just what the doctor ordered: this looks like the ideal way to spend your pregnancy. Image via Instagram.

The baby moon continues for Bridges and Willis in Tahiti. She’s now more than halfway through her first pregnancy.

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