Married at First Sight's Nicole and Keller's TV appearance hints at how show will end.

“Look at them! Don’t they look happy,” gushed Lisa Wilkinson when Nicole and Keller‘s smiling mugs appeared on The Today Show this morning.

And she was right.

Married at First Sight‘s cutest couple put on a totally loved-up display for viewers; giggling constantly, complimenting each other, stealing sideways glances.

It would all be kind of gross if it wasn’t so damn adorable.

But MAFS is a show based on hard science, people, and batting eyelashes aren’t sufficient evidence upon which to develop a sound conclusion about their current relationship status.

Then, eureka! They gave us some.

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The breakthrough came when Karl probed the pair about the “dramas” and “speed bumps” they’ve experienced since being expertly matched on national television.

“You’ll have to stay tuned for dramas,” said Nicole, 28 (presumably as a Channel 9 publicist cartwheeled off camera).

“Yeah, actually I’m not going to answer any questions,” added Keller, raising a hand to his mouth as he spoke.

Wait a second – that’s his left hand! And that, right there on his finger, is a wedding ring.

Laughing, Nicole did the same, flashing her own piece of shiny, matrimonial bling.

Karl and Lisa look slightly bemused, then a woman’s voice (we’re looking at you, Sylvia Jeffreys) can be heard off camera excitedly whispering, “They’re still wearing their rings”.

And finally the penny drops.

The precise moment Karl and Lisa realise they just learned N & K's relationship status.

After taking a second to absorb the info, Lisa quickly moved the conversation on to in-law introductions, presumably fearing the wrath of the previously cartwheeling Ch9 publicist.

In case you were curious, yes, the Nicole and Keller have met each others' folks, and apparently everyone gets along swimmingly.

"He got the thumbs up," said Nicole. "That's always a positive when Dad approves."

We had an inkling things would go well for the tattooed former seaman and his school-teacher match. They seemed to have a genuine spark when they met at the alter, and their first dance had audiences melting.

Let's hope our armchair assessment of their personal relationship is accurate and their love/marriage is still going strong.

After all, surely they wouldn't tease us like that. Right?

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