Married at First Sight's Dave is sorry for what he said about his TV bride.

“Maybe they’re just going to portray me as a villain. There’s every chance that could happen.”

When Married at First Sight‘s Dave said he “expected something a little bit different” as he clapped eyes on his new missus on Tuesday, we cringed. Not again, we thought, not another Jono.

You too? Well don’t worry, because now Dave says he didn’t mean it. Honest.

In an interview with The Fix, the 27-year-old claims he wasn’t even vaguely disappointed by Jess, his blind match on the controversial Channel 9 reality programme.

“Obviously, the emotions are running pretty high when you turn around and see the bride for the first time,” he said. “There are a couple of things that I go for in a girl and that’s nice big eyes, and I suppose I notice those things straight away, and that was a positive sign.

“She’s taller than the girls I’ve dated in the past, so that was a bit different for me. But if there was one first impression, she was a confident kind of girl, and that’s what I’ve been looking for.

“I think when I first turned around all of my reactions were reasonably positive. I can’t recall being very disappointed.”

Some might find that difficult to swallow given this is what he said when he first saw his new ‘bride’ walking toward him in the big white gown.

“If I’m being 100 per cent honest, I don’t want to come across as some prick. But I had expected probably something a little bit different,” he said in a voice-over. “Is she the girl for me? I don’t know.”

Of course, the comparisons with Jono from last season (you remember him, the guy who said his bride wasn’t what he “ordered”?) are inevitable, and Dave is fully aware that he could be cast in a similar light this season.

“Maybe they’re just going to portray me as a villain,” Dave says. “There’s every chance it’s going to happen. I knew when I signed up for the show.”

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Marriage, albeit a TV one, is clearly a big step for Dave, who didn’t even launch himself into the whole dating game until a few years ago.

“I had no confidence and didn’t really speak to girls, so dating was pretty much non-existent,” he told The Fix.

Weighing in at 130kg in his early 20s, the 6ft4in account manager recently trimmed down to double figures, and decided he needed to shed the shyness as well.

“I said, ‘Stuff it’ and joined a dating website. The first date was a nightmare, but it at least gave me a bit of confidence, and things have just changed ever since then.”

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