Margot Robbie is (probably, maybe) going to play Barbie in a movie.

No word yet on whether she’ll be photoshopped to ridiculously unattainable proportions.

There’s going to be a horrible real-life version of Barbie, and Aussie Margot Robbie is the favourite to play the incarnation of the blonde devil.

Leaked Sony emails have surfaced thanks to Wikileaks that show Sony Pictures really want 24-year-old Robbie to play a human incarnation of the doll. No word yet on whether they’ll photoshop her to ridiculously unattainable proportions for total ‘likeness’ (but if the recent adaptation of Cinderella is anything to go by, the answer is probably going to be yes.)

The emails suggest Robbie as first choice to play Barbie, with Sandra Bullock or Amy Adams down to play her sidekick, who’s name is apparently Maggie. (Does anyone else remember Barbie’s sick being called Skipper? Anyway…)

“[Robbie] is Barbie come to life – she’d be great,” Producer Laurie MacDonald wrote in an email to former Sony chairperson Amy Pascal.

Apparently, she’d be perfect.

Leaked emails from co-president of production at Sony’s Columbia Pictures Hannah Minghella show that Robbie was totally on board for the project.

“Bugliari and JP pitched Margot the idea for Barbie and she loved it! She’s free in October once she wraps Tarzan,” Minghella wrote.

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For Barbie’s sidekick, the emails suggest Amy Adams is considered more likeable over hilarious actress Kristen Wiig, who is considered ‘sad/pathetic’ by Sony executives.

“I like Amy Adams more than Wiig – more marketing bang there. Wiig is funny but can seem a bit sad/pathetic while Amy is entirely endearing,” one wrote.

Sandra Bullock was also considered, but is apparently too ‘old’ and too expensive.

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Amy Adams, Kristen Wiig and Sandra Bullock are being considered for Barbie’s best, best friend. Images via Getty.

“And then there’s the money. This is a concept movie. We shouldn’t spend a bundle on the star. I’m not trying to undermine the idea of Sandy she’s fantastic but I just want to ask the right questions.”

If these are the conversations that are already being had around the movie concept and casting, we can’t WAIT to see what kind of messages the finished movie will send to our girls.

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