Lisa Wilkinson and Mia Freedman have recreated a photo with their babies from 20 years ago. 

The Project’s Lisa Wilkinson and Mamamia’s founder Mia Freedman have gone one better than the #10yrchallenge currently flooding your Instagram and Facebook feed. They’ve done a #20yrchallenge, re-creating a photo that was taken 20 years ago with their babies, Billi FitzSimons and Luca Lavigne.

In an Instagram post, Mia Freedman posted the two images side by side with the caption, “When @lisawilkinson was in the Mamamia office to do a shoot for a magazine story about our friendship, it just so happened that the babies we had just days apart, 20 years ago, were there too. @billifiz and @lucalavigne both work at Mamamia and Billi (who has a brilliant content brain) suggested we recreate this photo. So we did. Lisa and I hereby throw down the challenge: share your #20yrchallenge photos. We bet you haven’t changed a bit. None of us have.”

Two photos, 20 years apart. Image provided.
Two photos, 20 years apart. Image provided.

We asked Mia to explain the story behind the original photo.

"Lisa was my first proper boss at Cleo but after she left, our friendship developed. I was pregnant with my first baby at the same time as she was pregnant with her third and our due date was the same day. Weirdly, that was the day that Lisa's first two kids had been born but with Billi, she came four days early. I gave birth to Luca on the same day as Lisa's sons had been born and because I had no friends who had babies, I leaned heavily on Lisa for baby advice.

In the original photo, I'd taken Luca over to Lisa's house and she was feeding Billi in her high chair while I no doubt quizzed her over how on earth I was meant to take care of a baby. Now our babies are 21.

"We have lots of photos of Luca and Billi together as babies and although they didn't see that much of each other growing up, they have reconnected at Mamamia and become great friends. Spookily, Billi started working at Mamamia at the same age I was when I started working at Cleo with Lisa. And Lise and I have stayed close for the past two decades.

"She's one of the most important women in my life."

The 10 year challenge has encouraged millions of people all over the world to share photographs of themselves now, and 10 years ago.

Who knows... the 20 year challenge might just be next.

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