Some brilliant baby news for a former PM.

Great news for Jess Rudd. 

Writer, daughter of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and all-round smart lady Jessica Rudd has announced she is expecting baby number two.

Jess, Albert and baby Josephine.

The former lawyer and her husband, Albert, have a three-year-old daughter, Josephine. But it seems their little family will be expanding by one.

Jess casually dropped this bombshell on Twitter today.

By the looks of that emoticon, the now Brisbane-based author of novels Campaign Ruby and Ruby Blues must be stoked. She previously wrote for Mamamia about how much she loved being pregnant (and, later, shared her struggles with post-natal depression).

There’s no word from grandpa Kevin (who proudly boasts about that title on his Twitter bio) yet. But he will soon need to add another name to his list.

Congratulations, Jess and Albert!

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