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'They're depriving us of drama.' Australia reacts to Ivan and Aleks ditching the MAFS commitment ceremony.

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After last week’s messy MAFS dinner party, tonight was the night we would finally find out what was really going on with Ivan and Aleks… or so we thought.

The episode started pretty promisingly, with Michael and Josh assuring us that Ivan told them to bring up his problems with Aleks at the dinner party. But Ivan was still very much denying it. Aleks, on the other hand, insisted once again that no matter what anyone else says, she did NOT cheat on Ivan.

The drama was brewing and we were excited to finally get some answers.

Then came the bad news. Ivan and Aleks not only decided to ditch the commitment ceremony but they just straight up left the experiment.  And honestly, we feel robbed. We still don’t know what went down.

Even though Ivan and Aleks’ drama was precisely the reason we were watching tonight, we stayed to see where the other couples were at.

Mishel and Steve were back to their rollercoaster ways. After Steve said ‘leave’ last week, both contestants decided to stay this week. And we really don’t know what’s going on with them.

Jonethen writes ‘leave’ and Connie (unlike rest of nation) is surprised. But he says he was hoping she would write ‘stay’ so he can spend another week with her… which makes zero sense.

Then came time for Cathy and Josh to take the couch. No matter how hard expert Melissa tried to get them to think about the positive aspects of their relationship (and keep another couple from leaving the failed experiment), Cathy and Josh both decided to call it quits.

By the end of it, two couples leave, including our season favourites, Ivan and Aleks.

Here’s how Australia reacted to tonight’s episode.







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