The one trick for better sex. (Warning: It's not very sexy).

It’s the most unlikely of solutions to those times when you’re getting down with your partner in the sack, but not quite getting the result you want.

Dr Emily Nagoski, a psychologist specialising in human sexuality, has weighed in on the best way to achieve an orgasm and has come up with this:

Wear socks during sex.

Socks, socks. Glorious socks.

Dr Nagoski explains that by wearing socks, we are less distracted by the cold. Without socks, this distraction may prevent women from submitting completely to their state of arousal.

She thinks this idea is central to the female orgasm.

“Put on socks, have warmer feet and have easier orgasms,” she tells The Australian Women's Weekly.

“Even a small shift such as this can make a difference, but it’s exactly that kind of shift that is the key to moving from good, everyday kind of orgasm to fantastic, turn the stars in rainbows orgasms," she says.

We think Monica just put some socks on ... Image via Tumblr.

When you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. Especially now it's getting chilly.

Dr Nagoski believes your internal states - which include hunger, thirst, sleepiness, loneliness, stress and frustration - all interact with your brain simultaneously and influence each other. Therefore, something as simple as having cold feet can interfere with arousal.

Excuse us while we go shopping for some thick, woolly socks...

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