Twelve tricks to help you get ready faster in the morning.

Every morning after hitting snooze 30 times we jump out of bed and rush about like headless chickens. Wouldn’t it be great to a) get a bit more time in bed? and b) not do the headless chicken bit? With that in mind, here’s 12 tricks to help you get ready faster in the morning:

1. Dry Shampoo:

Dry shampoo is your best friend. Not only will it save you precious minutes that you used to spend washing your hair in the morning, it also smells nice too. Win!

2. Fold/hang clothes so you don’t need to iron them:

OK, it might take a bit longer to actually fold or hang your clothes instead of just chucking them on the floor/in a drawer, but in the morning you’ll be thankful!

3. Shower the night before:

More time for sleep in the morning. Yay!

4. Decide what to wear the night before:

Again, this will let you sleep in longer and avoid any terrible fashion disasters from rushing.

5. Make packed lunches for the whole week:

Yes, this is mega-organised but it’s so simple! Get five tupperware, cook up a load of pasta and sauce and you’re good to go!

6. Pack your bags:

Packing your bags the night before will ensure you don’t forget your keys/wallet in the a.m. rush.

7. Don’t snooze:

As tempting as it is — don’t do it! Alternatively, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and snooze then instead of during the time you really should be getting ready.

8. Perfect your beauty regime:

Pre-work is not the time for extensive beauty regime. Get it down to 5 minutes max. You can always touch up at work!

9. Have a simple breakfast:

Or even take breakfast into work.

10. Plan your journey:

You can save valuable time by checking on Google maps for the quickest route. And it will let you know of any public transport disruptions. Yes!

11. Don’t get distracted by your phone:


12. Listen to upbeat music:

And if you’re still really sleepy? Put on some loud music to wake you up!

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