Herbal remedies - do they really work?

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I can’t remember the last time I went to the doctor for myself. Outside of my regular pap smears I pretty much just grin and bear it when I’m sick. I’m too busy taking the kids to school, soccer, art class, the doctor, parties. There’s no time for me.

But now that I’m 37, my health issues are building up. I completely flaked out six months ago and a blood test revealed critically low levels of iron and vitamin D which explained my lack of energy and inability to moderate my moods, amongst other things.

I take supplements now but I live with constant thrush, I retain water like there’s no tomorrow, I have trouble getting to sleep, I have problems with regularity and I have itchy patches and acne all over my body. One-in-eight women in my family develop a connective tissue disease – lupus, MS, scleroderma just to name a few. And my period is really weird. It’s painful the first day, ultra-heavy the second and then a trickle for a week and a half. So annoying!

Conventional medicine has its place of course but I feel like it only helps once the damage is done. I want to age well, I want to FEEL youthful and I want to prevent future problems. To quote Paul Keogh from Fusion Health, it’s not necessarily about life-extension, rather it’s about health-extension.

I watched an interview once with the world’s oldest man. He was 114. The interviewer asked him how he felt and he said he was bored and wanted to die. He had no mobility and no quality of life. Every morning he woke up he was disappointed that he had to endure another day.

Fusion Health offers the best of both worlds with the integration of Chinese and Western herbal medicine. There’re no stinky teas, just supplements targeted to specific problems. I visited their website and found my local supplier. Libido, Constipation, Weight Loss, Detox…anything you can think of and they have a brilliant complementary herbal medicine designed to help.

It’s hard to decide which ones you need which is why the consultation is so important. My consultation took place over the phone. I have to say, it was really nice to talk to someone who was interested in my health issues. I really enjoyed talking to someone about the bigger picture. The fact they are trained to ask the right questions brings up all the right information.

I’d forgotten

about my year of glandular fever when I was nine that affected my spleen. I’d forgotten about the physical shutdown I’d experienced when I first started working breakfast radio hours, I’d forgotten about the abnormal pap smear that developed in between my regular appointments, and I’d forgotten about the lethargy I often feel during winter.


Detox and Women’s Balance are the supplements suggested for me as well as a suggestion to cut down on caffeine, sugar and carbs. The diet advice isn’t strict, just do my best to eat healthily and take the supplements. Get in some exercise, let my body cleanse and just relax. I would feel better soon.

I was warned that the symptoms would get worse before they get better. Um, understatement. I never do things by halves and I decided I’d completely eliminate caffeine, sugar and carbs to allow the supplements to work to their maximum potential. Four hours into my cleanse, I developed an astonishing headache, felt like I had the flu and felt unbelievably sleepy. If you want to know if you’re addicted to something, cut it out and if you feel like you’re dying, then yes you’re addicted to it and could probably use a bit of a cleanse.

Now I know why my consultant Peita recommended against following any extreme eating plan. That’s what the supplements are for. I can drink caffeine in moderation, eat a little bit of sugar, some good quality carbs and the supplements will do the rest.

Lesson learned.

Fusion Health has really reminded me that I deserve to pay attention to my health too. I want to feel energetic, I want to feel well, I want to fit into my clothes, have endless patience with my children and I want to extend my health. What’s the point of living to 114 if you can’t enjoy it?

I’m only a few days into my program but I feel so hopeful and excited. It’s time for me to pay some attention to my health because I deserve it too and by the way, so should you.

Ancient wisdom, modern medicine.

Through his extensive clinical experience as a naturopath, Fusion® Health co-founder Paul Keogh recognised the opportunity to

develop products that integrate the recorded tradition of Chinese herbs with the science of Western herbal medicine. The result is a range of premium quality modern herbal medicines formulated and manufactured in Australia to support body, mind and spirit in addressing specific health issues. In traditional Chinese medicine, working towards a state of balance is the fundamental basis of good health, enabling your body and mind to function at their best, ensuring that you’re able to adapt and respond to life’s challenges. 

Discover more about the Fusion® Health philosophy here.

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