Gift of Sleep: 'the answer to my prayers'

I just wanted to send you a message to say a HUGE thank you for providing me with some direction in getting my 9 month old son to sleep through the night. I know you are probably receiving a stack of thank you’s after the release of The Gift of Sleep ebook recently- because it works and I am not alone in being extremely grateful.

Fletcher is a great baby however he was waking 3 times a night for a breastfeed, and although I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, I fed him so that he would settle quickly and go back to sleep without waking his 2 year old sister (who slept through the night at 6 weeks so this was a shock for me second time around!) Perhaps my pride was getting in the way a little  (I think most of us like to pretend we know what we are doing) and also the fact that I secretly enjoyed my cuddles with him during the quiet of the night.

The Gift of Sleep ebook was the answer to my prayers and your ideas, combined with the talents of Bec and Mia, made the book easy to understand and follow. I found myself saying “yes, Yes! that is exactly what I am going through”…. so many times throughout the book, so it was nice to realise that I was not alone and was not an incompetent mother! It was so well written and far less complicated than any other parenting book that I have read.

I had no hesitation in trialling your program because it just made so much sense….. it gave me confidence and belief. I did have to gather the courage over a few days in order to begin the program because I get a little anxious at letting either of my kids cry, and although I dreaded night 1, I discovered that Fletch wasn’t hysterical, but merely grizzled a little as he learnt the new skill of resettling.

We just had night 4 and Fletch slept from 6:45pm-4:00am so I will now work on stretching him out longer (I think he may have gotten cool in the early morning). He is sleeping better during the day and is eating more also.

My husband may in fact propose to you!!! Or he might just enjoy the fact that I can stay awake past 8pm at night!
After being an elite athlete for 10 years before I started my family, I am not afraid of challenges, but I was starting to struggle to get through the day with any sanity because of lack of sleep.  I have competed at the Olympics on 3 occasions, but that was far easier than motherhood (and far less rewarding!) If you could now pen the manual for all of the other developmental challenges children (and parents) face in the years ahead I will buy the advanced copies!!!

I love being a mother more than anything in the world, and you have brought the joy back to every day as I feel a renewed sense of energy. I will recommend your book and services to anyone who needs the little boost to get their babies sleeping through the night!!
Thank you for sharing your gift.

Buy The Gift of Sleep e-book here.

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