Gift of Sleep: 'My baby is even more happy now'

Natalie and Ella

Hi Elizabeth, Bec and Mia,

Thank you so much for sharing The Gift of Sleep.

We started the program exactly a week ago. I can’t believe how much better life is in that time.  I’ve just finished tucking my relaxed and content baby into her cot for the night.  I can hear her chirping away and I know sleep is on its way.

My 10-month-old baby was waking repeatedly at night for a breastfeed and/or cuddle. I called myself ‘Ninja Mum’.  Ninja Mum would quietly stalk the halls at night, cradle baby to sleep, then gently try to lower her into the cot and creep out without her waking.   The trouble though was baby was wise to me.  Her cry seemed to say, “No I wasn’t really asleep, don’t go anywhere!” Over time my baby was getting more tired and finding it harder to unwind and sleep. Her one daytime sleep was only half an hour.  Our sleep (or lack there of) was a constant worry.

After 3 days thinking about it,  I bought The Gift of Sleep.  Making a change is a scary proposition. Once I bought it, I read it that night. Elizabeth’s gentle method of teaching your baby to self settle sounded so sensible. My hubby is working overseas and I don’t have any family living nearby.  So having the online community of parents also doing the program made me realise I was not alone. I felt reassured that that my baby and I could do this. I was a bit nervous about how well my baby would react.  The reality of the first night turned out easier than I feared.  My baby let me know her disapproval and it was tough hearing her protest cry. But I resisted the quick fix. I remembered the big picture and kept calm. That first night we both had more sleep than we had in months.

Since that first night, it’s only gotten better.  I’m absolutely delighted with the huge blocks of sleep we’ve had.  When she does wake up, it’s a grizzle or a sigh and then she settles herself back to sleep.  We’re both enjoying the best sleep we’ve had in her lifetime!

My naturally happily and active baby is now even more so.  Rather than falling asleep in the highchair at dinnertime, she entertains me with her giggles and wiggles. Two decent daytime sleeps were an unexpected bonus, as I read these can take a bit longer to establish. She even sounds better when she’s sleeping.  Her breathing is deep and loud.  I could write pages about how much better things are! I would not have thought such a positive change could be possible with so little effort or angst.   It’s as if sleeping angels have visited and blessed our house with a sprinkling of sleeping dust!

Without this program we would be going on the way we were.   I can’t even imagine being on that road again!   Ella and I say a BIG “thank you”!

Natalie & Ella xxx

Buy The Gift of Sleep e-book here.

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