Gift of Sleep: 'She cried for no more than five minutes.'


Dear Elizabeth, Bec and Mia

I subscribe to Mamamia and just assumed The Gift of Sleep was another controlled crying program with a few new bells and whistles.

My third daughter is 7.5 months old, she was feeding all night long and ended up every night in our bed. I was exhausted and realised my cranky pants were negatively affecting my family. We finished the three- night program last night. What I have realised over the three nights is that I didn’t give Alice a chance to learn how to sleep by herself –  I was up and out of bed within seconds of her waking.

Over the three nights Alice cried for no more than twice for 5 minutes. And it wasn’t hysterical crying, just protest. Now to tackle the three-year-old who won’t go to sleep in her bed and also ends up in our bed every night (somehow I don’t think she will be so easy!).  Thank you Elizabeth, Bec and Mia! I think of all the sleep I missed out on with my eldest two. Now when my boobs have got used to not producing milk during the night I look forward to some sleep.

Jacqui X

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