The French flag is now flying above the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


This was the one word of New South Wales Premier, Mike Baird, after he powerfully requested to raise the French flag on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


We are with you.

What is usually the NSW state flag has now been replaced with the colours of France – red, white, and blue.

Baird made the move to honour those so tragically taken in the Paris attacks, and to also stand side-by-side, should-to-shoulder – with France during this horrific time.

In a series of emotional Facebook posts last night, Premier Baird committed to stand united against these people who commit “evil acts of terror”.

The Premier wrote:

Our hearts break with yours, Paris.

But our spirits will never be broken.

Neither will our determination to stand together against these cowardly, evil acts of terror.

We are with you.

Scroll through to see the other monuments around the world that were lit up to honour Paris overnight. (Post continues after gallery.)

Later in the night, Baird posted:

Later tonight, the sails of the Opera House will be lit in the blue, white and red tricolore of the French flag.

I’ve also asked for a French flag to fly over the harbour bridge. Turns out, there isn’t one in the country that is big enough. So, if we can’t source one, we are going to make one.

We mourn with you, and we stand with you, Paris.

Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull has also committed to standing with Paris saying, “Your battle for freedom is our battle for freedom. The attack on Paris is an attack on our humanity.”

He reiterated that Australia will not be changing its security levels, which has been on “high” since September, last year.

“We cannot allow our national security to be dictated by terrorists. They want us to bend to their will. And, we will not. They [Daesh] want us to be frightened. ..they want us to back off from standing up for freedom. And we will not.”

We stand with you Paris. We stand with you.

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