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Faulty Children’s Panadol Product: Baby Drops dosage syringe.

Parents told to take their children to hospital over faulty Children’s Panadol product.

Parents who used the Baby Drops Children’s Panadol dosing device are being urged to take their children to hospital after it was found that a production error had resulted in the recommended dosage being inaccurately printed on some products. On certain syringes, the recommended dosage line sits too far up the body of the syringe.

The manufacturer of the product has told Fairfax Media that while there is a “low risk” to the health of babies and toddlers who have been given the incorrect dosage, any parents who are unsure as to whether their product was faulty should still take their child to hospital, due to the risk of liver damage that an overdose could present.

The dosage device has since been recalled.

Nursing home murder investigation

The deaths of two nursing home residents in Newcastle, NSW, are being treated as a double murder investigation, police have announced, Gwen Fowler, 83, and Ryan Kelly, 80, were both injected with a large amount of insulin prior to their deaths, despite neither patient being diabetic.

Unaccompanied children moved out of Nauru

A group of child asylum seekers have been moved from Nauru to Brisbane over fears for their mental health. While the Immigration Minister has refused to provide comment, Fairfax are reporting that one of the group had attempted suicide on Christmas Island before being transferred to Nauru.

Australian Greenpeace activist refused bail in Russia

Australian activist, Colin Russell, has become the only member of the Arctic Sea protest group to be refused bail.

The Greenpeace group made headlines after their boat, the Arctic Sunrise, was detained by Russian authorities in the Arctic Sea. Political figures such as British PM David Cameron and celebrities such as Madonna and Paul McCartney has called for their release.

Russell’s detention has been extended until February. He faces seven years in jail if convicted of hooliganism.

Protests at the Australian Embassy in Indonesia continue

Protests outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta have continued for a second day amongst widespread disapproval over the Australian Government’s spying revelations. Eggs and red paint were thrown at the building by a 500-strong crowd, whom Indonesian authorities fought with tear gas.

Dozens feared dead in Latvian supermarket collapse

Dozens of bodies have been pulled from the rubble following the collapse of a shopping centre in Riga. Eighteen people have died, and many more are critically injured following the collapse. Local media are reporting that the construction of a rooftop garden on the store is currently believed to be the cause of the collapse.

‘Justin Bieber of chess’ wins world title

22-year-old Magnus Carlsen has been crowned the world chess champion overnight. The Norwegian has been dubbed ‘the Justin Bieber of chess’ after his boyish good looks won him a modelling contract and several lucrative sponsorship deals. Carlsen beat defending champion, Viswanathan Anand of india, in the grand final.

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