Dr Karl doesn't want to front this Government campaign any more.

Dr Karl promoted a report by the Federal Government– but he’s now distanced himself from its campaign and he plans to give away the money he received.

You might have seen Dr Kruszelnicki, aka Dr Karl, in a series of ads running on television, news sites and social media, as well as on this website.

They’re promoting the Federal Government’s 2015 Intergenerational Report, which provides a snapshot of how the nation might look in 40 years.

Explain to me: What does the Intergenerational Report mean?

But earlier this week, Dr Karl  backed away from the report and its campaign –and now, the popular science broadcaster has further hardened his stance, announcing he plans to donate income he receives for the role to government schools.

Dr Karl, fronting the campaign.

Dr Kruszelnicki said while he believed the report was bipartisan when he signed onto the campaign, he had not read the full report before agreeing to front it – because it hadn’t been written yet. He said that once he learned of the report’s contents, he considered it “flawed” because of the lack of attention it paid to climate change, Fairfax Media reports.

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“I did it on the grounds that it would be not for any political party but for the government of Australia as a non-political, bipartisan, independent report,” he told the ABC’s AM radio program.

“If it turns out to have been fiddled with or subject to political interference from one side of politics, I would deeply regret playing any part in it whatsoever,” he told Fairfax Media.

Speaking to ABC News 24, the science journalist added: “How can you possibly have a report that looks at the next 40 years and doesn’t mention climate change?”

“It should have acknowledged that climate change is real and we cause it and it will be messy”.

Dr Karl, fronting the campaign.

The popular broadcaster initally told Fairfax he would keep his payment fee, arguing he had done nothing wrong.

But he tweeted last night: “I have decided to donate any moneys received from the IGR campaign to needy government schools. More to follow tomorrow.”

Dr Kruszelnicki has not asked for the ad campaign to stop, he told ABC News.

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