In an unexpected twist, ASOS is now selling chokers for men.

Good news: if your boyfriend keeps stealing your choker because he’s confusion on where to buy his own, you now have a place to send him.

Yes, we’re only a few days in but 2017 has already surpassed the… unusual nature of last year with ASOS’ release of chokers for men.

Because who said chokers were just for the girls to enjoy? (A lot of old theories, actually. And it has a whole lot to do with what it actually means for a chick to wear a choker — but that’s some light reading for you for another time.)

Anyway. ASOS is now offering its gentleman shoppers some pink velvet chokers:

And double-banded velvet ones:


And don't even start me on this design, which should just walk its way back to the dog collar section of the world and be done with it:

There's a bandana-choker hybrid if they're into it:

Or, alternatively, they can buy one that closely resembles a black shoelace loosely tied a few times around one's neck.


Because clearly the world needed more chokers, and men are their latest victim.

We're just going to sit back here and watch how quickly these ones sell out.

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