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1. Childcare worker charged with attempted rape of a little boy.

A Brisbane childcare worker has been charged with the attempted rape of a two-year-old boy, according to The Courier Mail.

It is alleged that the child was found in the laundry of a Brisbane childcare centre being forced by a 20-year-old man to perform oral sex.

A friend of the child’s mother intended on collecting the boy from childcare, arriving earlier than usual at 6:20pm on Friday night. When she could not initially find the little boy, she searched for him throughout the centre. It was then that she found the two-year-old in the laundry of the centre with the employee in question.

The man, who remains unnamed, has since faced Brisbane Magistrates Court and has been charged with a number of offences, including deprivation of liberty, attempted rape, and entering premises with intent.

He was granted bail by Magistrate John McGrath, provided he stays with his mother and has no unsupervised contact with persons under 16.

Nick Hanly, the alleged defence lawyer, confirms that his Blue Card (his working-with-children permit) has been suspended, however, its cancellation will be challenged in a hearing with the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

2. Liberal candidate, Andrew Hastie, has won the Canning by-election.

The Liberal party has retained the Western Australian seat of Canning after candidate, Andrew Hastie, won yesterday’s by-election.

The ABC reports that 52 of the 56 polling places have been counted, indicating that Hastie has held on to win 54.95% of the two-party preferred vote, despite a 6% swing to Labor’s, Matt Keogh.

Andrew Hastie celebrating his win.

Mr Hastie was unusually joined by three members of the ministry, including Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, and Justice Minister, Michael Keenan.

In his victory speech, Mr Hastie honoured former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, thanking him for his support and service.

“From day one, he wanted me to succeed,” said Mr Hastie.

“I was immensely proud to have him visit and support me and my family on this campaign and I’m grateful for his  guidance.”

Julie Bishop celebrating the victory.

Mr Hastie also commended Malcolm Turnbull for his ongoing support throughout the campaign.

Neither Mr Hastie, nor his opponent, Mr Keogh could vote in the election, as they both had just moved the electorate.

Canning was forced into a by-election after the sudden death of former member, MP Don Randall, in late July.

3. Turnbull ready to dump knights and dames after consultation with Cabinet.

News Corp reports indicate that PM Malcolm Turnbull is preparing to remove the awards of knights and dames from governmental processes.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has confirmed that the PM is set to meet with his reshuffled Cabinet, after its announcement later today, and will propose to dismiss the recently reinstated knights and dames from the system.


Earlier this week, Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, wrote to the PM calling on  him to abolish knights and dames, labeling them “anachronistic and unfitting”.

“The reaction to the Government’s bizarre decision to grant a knighthood to Prince Phillip demonstrates that the Australian people believe Knights and Dames have no place in Australia’s future,” wrote Shorten.

Former PM, Tony Abbott has received ongoing backlash from his “captain’s pick”, earlier this year, to reintroduce knights and dames.

4. A refugee has attempted to cut his own throat on Christmas Island.

Refugee activists are claiming that a man in detention on Christmas Island has attempted to take his life by cutting his throat three times in the past 10 days.

Reports in The Age say that the man is in his 20s and lived in Melbourne before being deported to the detention centre.

Christmas Island.

Ian Rintoul, a spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition, has confirmed that the man has repeatedly attempted suicide in the past fortnight, and has lost a substantial amount of blood, but his current condition is unknown.

Rintoul says that the man has suffered extreme brutality at the centre, linking it to his attempted suicides.

“You have a punitive regime [at the detention centre] that is reminiscent of a penal colony,” Rintoul claimed.

“The kind of brutality, the kind of submission and the kind of disciplinary actions that are dealt out…it simply beggars belief.”

While the Immigration Department has confirmed a “self-harm” incident at the centre, a spokesperson has refused to elaborate upon the man’s condition or the circumstances surrounding it.

The incident comes just two days after another asylum seeker sliced his hands in the same centre.

5.Worldwide kindness competition won by women’s prison.

Inmates at a Californian prison, called “The Compassionistas” have won the Compassion Games International, a competition encouraging acts of kindness throughout the world.

The event that goes for 11 days was taken out by the inmates who tallied 4,500 compassionate acts. The prison confirmed that the inmates were so dedicated to winning that no violent incidents, whatsoever, were recorded during the time.

“The Compassion Games allowed gang members, or those who need to maintain an image, to step outside their ‘roles’ and be kind to others without ridicule,” said one inmate.

During the time, the women shared food, cleaned for each other, and helped to apply sunscreen before going outside to accumulate kindness points.

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