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1. Bronwyn Bishop alleged to have used thousands of taxpayer dollars for private limo costs.

Federal speaker, Bronwyn Bishop, has been under scrutiny this week after she admitted that she made an “error of judgement” for using $5,227 of taxpayer money for a private helicopter to attend a Liberal Party fundraiser last year.

Today, more questions surrounding Bishop’s use of taxpayer money have emerged. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Bishop used taxpayer money to hire $1,000 a day limousines for her overseas trip to Europe (which cost $90,000 in total). Fairfax Media claims that Bishop claimed a $14,000 limousine bill after her trip to Europe last October.

Bronwyn Bishop.

Other delegates who were on the same trip as Bishop, spent between $1,200 and $2,800 on transport. An unnamed source has told The Sydney Morning Herald that she was being transported in a black BMW “like royalty” and that “she wasn’t about to take her eight-inch heels on the subway”.

The Federal Department has also announced that they are investigating two other chartered flights used by Bishop for attending party political events.

Since the revelations, Bishop has refused to stand down as speaker nor apologise for her misuse of the money.

“One doesn’t resign for an error of judgement that is within the guidelines,” she explained.

Bishop has since repaid the cost of the chartered helicopter – $5,227, as well as a $1,300 penalty rate.

2. NRL player charged with over ten domestic violence counts against ex-partner.

NRL player, Shaun Kenny-Dowall, has been charged with over 10 domestic violence offences following ongoing abuse of his partner, Jessica Peris. Jessica is the daughter of federal politician and former Olympian, Nova Peris.

On Saturday morning, Kenny-Dowall turned himself into the local police station for abusing his ex-girlfriend. A statement released by NSW police said he was subsequently charged with stalking, intimidating, destroying or damaging property, occasioning bodily harm, and six counts of assault.

Jessica Peris and Shaun Kenny-Dowall

Peris and Kenny-Dowall are said to have ended their relationship around three weeks ago, after the events which are alleged to have occurred between October last year and June. Peris filed for an AVO against her ex-boyfriend last Thursday night.

Kenny-Dowall’s football club, The Sydney Roosters, has indicated that Kenny-Dowall will not play in this afternoon’s NRL match.

3. A Catholic Priest has been charged after smacking a child in church.

After “grabbing” and “smacking” an eight-year-old boy, Father Terrence Millard from NSW has been charged with common assault. The little boy, who is known as Peter*, was “positioned” in front of an image of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and punished with a “smack” after allegedly displaying bad behaviour.

The incident, which occurred over 10 months ago, was first brought to the attention of the school principal after an alarmed teacher was alerted to the event.


Peter’s dad recalls arriving to pick his son up from school, to find him looking “anxious” and “slumped over in his seat” with the school principal. Peter’s dad was told that his son was “dragged to the back of the church” and pushed against a rear wall to be smacked. The priest then pointed to the other students, who were watching the attack, and yelled that they would be next.

Subsequently, the Catholic Education Office and the NSW Police Force were made aware of the incident, and criminal charges were laid against the priest. The priest was found guilty but no conviction was recorded.

The church.

Peter’s parents were reported to be “happy” following the end of the legal case, however, that hasn’t been the end to the matter.

Whilst the priest has been found guilty of assaulting the boy, the parish where Father Millard works has refused to acknowledge his actions. In fact, the church told their congregation at an evening mass that the priest has “won the case”.

This announcement was confirmed in a “parish notice” that was released in the Church Bulletin that read:

“On Tuesday 30th June, 2015 the Magistrate at Bankstown Local Court dismissed the case against Fr Terrence Millard.”

Peter’s mother has slammed the church for misinformation saying, “The church has distorted the truth and swept it under the carpet at the expense of our family. An entire congregation has been misled to believe my poor son is a liar.”

“Unfortunately, the situation has been compounded by a misunderstanding about the court outcome, which appeared in the church bulletin.”

A correction to the church bulletin will be printed.

4. Buckingham Palace considers legal action after “Nazi Salute” footage.

Leaked footage of Queen Elizabeth as a child giving a Nazi Salute with her family has been the source of controversy for the Palace over the weekend.

The 17-second video, which was first published by The Sun newspaper, shows a six or seven year old Queen with the Queen Mother and her uncle, Prince Edward, in the gardens of Balmoral.

The Queen is reported to be playing on the grass with a dog, and her younger sister, Princess Margaret, before she mimics her mother performing a Nazi Salute. The entire family then proceeds to complete the salute again.

The Sun headline.

An anonymous source from the Palace reports that they are trying to understand where the film first came from, and why it was leaked to The Sun.

A spokesperson for the Palace has said that, “The Queen is around six years of age at the time and entirely innocent of attaching any meaning to these gestures.”

“‘The Queen and her family’s service and dedication to the welfare of this nation during the war, and the 63 years the Queen has spent building relations between nations and peoples speaks for itself.”

The managing editor of the Sun, Stig Abell, has defended its publication saying that its sourcing was “legitimate” and “not a criticism of the Queen or the Queen Mum”.


5. Nadia Cameron broke up with partner, Elie Issa, before suspected murder-suicide.

The Bathurst community are in shock following the discovery of Nadia Cameron, 52, and her ex-partner, Mr Issa, both dead in his home on Friday morning.

New information has come to light that suggests that Cameron, who had been with Bathurst café-owner for four years, had decided to end their relationship weeks before their suspected murder-suicide.

Cameron’s 89-year-old father, Kelvin Pleming, died in a Sydney car crash just weeks before her own murder.

Nadia Cameron.

A close friend and step-sister of Cameron, Debbie Majella Nolan, has said that, “We [Nadia and herself] slept in the same bed and cried together when Kelvin died and Nadia realised that her relationship was going nowhere.”

It was just three weeks before the murder-suicide that Cameron made the decision to leave Elie Issa, who has been described as “larger-than-life”.

Majella Nolan has told media that Issa was trying to “win” Cameron back. “He didn’t want to lose her, he kept sending her flowers but she rang him and said she just needed to be by herself,” she said.

Cameron’s best friend of over 20 years, who doesn’t want to be named, has said that she was being “emotionally and mentally” abused for the past two and a half years.

“She was in an extremely controlling relationship, he was a very jealous person and this was her courageous attempt to get out.”

Both Majella Nolan, and Cameron’s friend, have labelled the case another tragic incident of domestic violence.

6. An undercover police officer has been left “inspired” after dressing as a disabled man.

When two people in wheel-chairs were robbed at knife-point, Sergeant Mark Horsley, a Canadian police officer, decided to go undercover in a rough suburb as a paralysed man with a brain injury.

Sergeant Horsley didn’t find the attackers – but he did discover something extraordinary.

Sergeant Horsley was approached by many strangers who asked if they could pray for his recovery, or zip up his back pocket that had fallen open.

“In all my interactions with people I told them that I couldn’t count and when we were exchanging food or different things they would take change from my hand, not once did anyone shortchange me,” the sergeant said.

By the end of the operation the officer actually had an additional $24.75.

The sergeant said that no one tried to exploit his advantage, rather taking him on as being “one of theirs”.

“This community has soul, victimising the vulnerable is far beneath the people of the Downton Eastside.”

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