Best and worst: How's your week been?

So, how’s your week been?


Well hello there and welcome to Best & Worst. It’s Mamamia’s longest-running post and also my personal favourite post of the week – and we didn’t forget to publish it, unlike this week’s slight mishap with Open Post. (Forgive us – it’s been a busy, Easter-egg-fuelled week.)

Anyway – now is your cue to take a break from whatever you’re doing and come and have a chat with the rest of the Mamamia community. It doesn’t matter whether your worst is a huge first world problem or the most unfortunate thing that’s ever happened to you. It doesn’t matter whether your best is the highlight of your life thus far or something completely insignificant that made you smile a little. We just want to hear from you.

I’ll kick us off:

Best: I’m not actually in the office today because I’m taking a little trip to Melbourne to visit a friend for her birthday. It doesn’t even matter that I have about six uni assignments to do while I’m here. And by “do” I mean “avoid completely and hate myself when I’m trying to do them at midnight the night before”.

Worst: This may sound shallow, but – Sydney’s snap back to cold weather this week. I hate the cold and every year I am consistently surprised by how unhappy it makes me. The only thing cheering me up is the influx of cute things in the shops… Sportsgirl jumpers anyone?

And one more thing – next Monday, our very own Mia Freedman will be on the panel of the ABC’s Q&A alongside Brooke Magnanti, Germaine Greer, Deborah Cheetham  and Janet Albrechtsen. Make sure you tune in from 9:35pm and if you want to ask a question – you can do so here.

Over to you. What’s your best and worst of the week?

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